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07 January 2015 @ 02:36 pm
Unraveling Deceptions - Chapter One  
Title: Unraveling Deceptions
Chapter: 01/??
Author: bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Action Adventure, Angst, Romance
Warnings: inappropriate language, slight mentions of blood and guns
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Aoi & ?, Kai & ?(Pairings to be revealed as fic goes on)
Summary: There was only one rule to follow and he had just broken it.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

Previous Chapter(s): Prologue

Chapter One

He could feel his heart racing even in his sleep.

Blood on the floors, blood on the walls. Blood everywhere. Alarms setting off in the background and other members of his team screaming that they needed to leave, that they had to get out before the building collapsed. But he couldn’t move. He was too focused on the sight of the paling blond before him as he smiled sadly and reached out to cup his face.

“You have to go, just leave me.”

He started shaking his head, the scent and warmth of vital crimson seeping into his skin un-disturbing at the moment. He pressed that hand closer to his cheek, feeling tears swell. Reita was so pale, so battered. He was dying, there was no other way around it.


A shake of the head. “No, Rei. Even if I could, I would never leave you. Come on…” He wrapped his arms around the blond’s upper torso, pulling him up off the ground and cringing at the agonizing scream. Taking a deep breath and looking down, he saw the cause of that scream.

A deep laceration across Reita’s torso, his insides being held in by his forearm and strings of thin skin.

Reita’s knees buckled underneath him, his body weight dragging them both down to the floor.

Ceiling tiles were falling all around them and he could hear the others calling after him, telling him to hurry. But again, he was distracted by Reita’s deathly toned skin and blue lips. “Rei, come on. We’re almost there…”

He had no choice but to fully pick him up at this point, Reita biting into his bottom lip weakly to keep in his disgruntled screams, every movement nothing but racking pain for him.

It wasn’t the walls shaking and beginning to crumble that caused him to break into a sprint, it was the blood he felt beginning to pool into the bends of his arms. Reita was his partner, Reita was his friend. But most importantly, Reita was his everything. He had to get him out of here. He had to give him a chance to live.

Storming though the building, dodging rubble and trying to stay focused. He tried to ignore Reita’s painful grunts and jagged breaths, seeing the exit just ahead. The other members of his team were already out of the building, loading into the helicopter and hopefully readying the medic.

Right as he reached the exit a large pipe from stories above came crashing down, clipping him on the back and sending him to the floor, Reita rolling out of his arms and out of harm’s way. He could see one of the other members of his team collect Reita, setting him on a gurney, their medic jumping out of the helicopter and beginning to look him over as they buckled him down.

Relief flooded his body, but it was only then he realized he was trapped. The metal pipe had him completely pinned down to the ground, all his squirming getting him nowhere. He called out for help but his coworkers were too busy assisting Reita to pay any attention to him, his lungs crushed under the heavy metal making it hard to breathe. Taking in a deep breath, he tried his hardest to call out one last time. However, before he could even form the next syllable, he heard a crackling noise from above, looking up just in time to see another beam falling loose – barely finding the time to cover his head before it too came crumbling down, slamming against him and sending him into unconsciousness.

Shooting up in bed, Kai gasped for breath. Sweat decorated every inch of his body and he felt like he was drowning. Eyes wide and panic setting in, it took him a few minutes to realize he was in his room, in his bed – perfectly safe. But that still did nothing to calm him down, his entire body feeling too heated, like he was about to explode. Still panting, he ripped his shirt off, trying to cool off and take in heavy breaths. His sheets were soaked with sweat, feeling his pounding heart settle some when his brain finally registered that it was just that – sweat, not blood. He curled his knees against his chest and ran his hands though his long hair, closing his eyes and trying to block out the images still dancing vividly through in his mind, making his anxiety raise and his breathing turn even more ragged.


The call of his name and a touch to his shoulder had him jumping in bed, finding a petite blond with thick glasses staring at him with concern. He held a glass of water and cupped a few pills in his other hand, knowing Kai’s head was throbbing.

He silently accepted the two items, swallowing the pills and downing the glass’s entirety. After a few deep breaths he could feel himself calming, closing his eyes once more and resting his head between his knees. “Thanks, Ru…”

“You’re welcome.” A dip in the bed followed by that hand on his shoulder moving down his bare back and rubbing with assurance, Ruki’s body heat somehow allowing Kai to feel cooler. “I heard you from the other side of the room and wasn’t sure if you wanted me to wake you or not. I know you have a big day today and all…”

Kai sighed. Ruki was right, it was a big day, at least for him it was. It was his first day back to work since the incident – the day he would be introduced to his new partner. Rubbing his hands down his face, Kai leaned in against Ruki, resting his head on his shoulder, feeling nothing short of exhausted. “Sometimes I wish I would’ve just remained a techie like you.”

Ruki’s soothing massage to his back came to a sudden halt, his voice a mere whisper, “You know you’re too good for this hacking shit. You were meant to be an agent.”

Agent. The profession sounded so secretive, so respectful. It made it sound as if Kai was actually doing good in the world, possibly even saving it from its next natural or manmade disaster. But really, it just meant he was quick and good with a gun.

Kai started fiddling with the draw strings of his sweat pants, Ruki’s small hands back in motion on his back drawling a relaxed sigh from his pressed together lips. “…I-” he started, needing to take another deep breath and swallow hard, these next words bringing more pain to his heart than he’s ever felt in his entire life. “I heard that Rei’s replacement is coming from Kyo’s division.”

He didn’t even need to look up to witness the shocked expression on Ruki’s face. The way his body tensed and his nails dug lightly into Kai’s back told a story all on their own. “Kyo’s division, huh? That’s…surprising, actually. I didn’t think Kyo would be so willing to give up one of his men.”

“Me either. So this either means this guy is really, really good at his job…or really fucking shitty. Guess I’ll see just which of the two later on.”

Ruki chuckled lightly, patting Kai’s bare side and sitting up straight so he could get up from the bed, “You won’t get so see just how good or bad he is just yet. You’ve been out of work for almost three months, boss is going to put you through some serious training before you or your new partner are allowed back out in the field again. I think he’s just using today as a…introduction period of sorts. Making sure you two get along and won’t try and kill each other while out on a mission.”

Kai’s brows furrowed after picking up the teasing tone of Ruki’s words and spotting a slight smile on those plush lips. “Hey, that was one time. Besides, that dick wad and I end up getting along pretty well after our first few missions together.”

Ruki continued to smile. “Trust me, I know. Rei’s my brother, so I had to hear all about how he hated you, then how he actually found you kind of bearable, only to then have to be constantly annoyed with him rambling on about how much he loved you. Seriously, he was starting to drive me batshit.”

Ruki rolled his eyes playfully and, for the first time in almost three months, Kai felt his own lips quirk up at the corners a bit, but it wasn’t even enough to be considered a smile. Because just as quickly as his fond memories with Reita had appeared, they’d just as quickly vanished, being replaced with blood, screams, and insufferable pain.

Continuing to play with his sweats draw strings, Kai hung his head, staring into the stiff white sheets of his bed – hoping that blank space would easily bring back his thoughts of nothingness.

“I…I’m thinking of going to go visit Rei before I’m called down to boss’s office today to meet the new guy. You wanna come with?”

Ruki’s petite hand was back on his shoulder yet again, this time only offering a soft squeeze, “Sorry. One of the other units just got back a few hours ago and have a flash drive loaded with encrypted data for me to decode. I’m going to be at it all day and night. But I’ll see you when you get back, yeah? Like I said, you’re pretty much just meeting the guy today, there should be no reason for you to be kept away from our room.”

“You’re right,” Kai nodded his head, beginning to get back under his comforters, “You should get some more rest too, Ru. Sun still doesn’t come up for a few more hours.”

“Trust me, I was planning on doing just that. Just wanted to make sure you were okay first.” Crossing his arms over his chest and raising a finely shaped brow that Kai was barely able to see in the dark, Ruki asked, “You are okay, right?”

Closing heavy his eyes, Kai already felt sleep taking back over, “I am…for now.”

At least I think I am.

And then he was out – unconscious mind clogged with those grimacing vivid memories all over again.

Chapter Two


Author's Note: Okay, so this chapter originally got HUUUUUGE and yeah, I'm trying to stray away from really long chapters sooo...I split this chapter in half and now the rest of it is now chapter two :'D I'm trying to post weekly, which means every Wednesday, I'll try and have a new chapter out. But again, no promises! :P

Umm, there's really not much to say this go around, just...I hope you enjoyed! :33

(ALSO - sarky_chepooka, I'm sooo sorry but my email has been funky all week and I'm going to have to call technical support and everything later tonight and baaaah! I've pretty much been locked out of my inbox, but I'll get back to you as soon as everything is fixed!)
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bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 9th, 2015 08:51 pm (UTC)
Sorrrry, but waiting is necessary :P
Thanks for taking the time to comment!
Karytakyoselflove on January 7th, 2015 09:08 pm (UTC)
Yes mooooore! I am very excited. xD

Great scenes by the way, had my heart all racing. I'm wondering if he will be visiting Reita in a hospital...or grave..?

Ruki and Kai's relationship is interesting, can't figure it out yet. Sorry, I'm really foggy right now, I caught up on a lot of sleep and my brain doesn't know what's happening, haha!

Sorry for the lame comment and also those drunken ones I gave you before... xD

So happy you are writing this! <3
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 9th, 2015 08:49 pm (UTC)
Keep being excited, please >:3333

We'll see just where he's visiting Reita next chapter for sure, so :33

Ruki and Kai are just sweet and I don't think I'll ever be able to write them as any other way lol. But yaaaay for catching up on sleep, you need it, girl!

No need to apologize, I appreciate every comment I get no matter what >:33

Thanks again!

(and I still need to properly comment on your new fic but I'm all ewy and sick and uggh....I'll get to it soon!)
random_x13random_x13 on January 7th, 2015 09:35 pm (UTC)
ohhhhh Once again, I am intrigued, and I'm very excited to see where this goes!!
Those gory scenes with Reita.... So scared at the thought of his current..condition....? I hope he's alive... D:
Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter!!

bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 9th, 2015 08:48 pm (UTC)
Thaaaank you <333
We'll see just how Reita's doing next chapter, I promise!
I'll be posting the next chapter soon enough, so thanks for sticking around and commenting! <3
sarky_chepooka on January 7th, 2015 11:31 pm (UTC)
Kaaaaaaaai <3

Ngl when Ruki showed up I was like... yessss RukaiRukaiRukai. And the he turns out to be REITA'S BROTHER and just like that all my hopes of any Rukai happening were shattered ;___;

IT'S OKAY THOUGH, I'M STILL *WAY* TOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! I can't wait for Kai to meet his new partner (~Aoi~??), he doesn't seem too thrilled about him being "Reita's replacement" sooo this should be interesting :3

I wonder what state Reita is in D: My guess is he's not doing that well (will I be needing Kleenex for the next chapter?????)

Thank you for another great chapter - I love how we were not only introduced to Kai and Ruki, but also given a glimpse of previous events. I can't wait to learn more about what happened! :D

(It's okay! :D That sounds so annoying though, I hope it gets resolved quickly! Also - I SEE WHAT YOU'RE LISTENING TO sooo I assume you finally got the cd??? I hope it lived up to your expectations! ^^)
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 9th, 2015 08:39 pm (UTC)
Hey, I'm not going to lie and say Rukai isn't a possible pairing in the future :'D Remember, I told you the pairings were going to get meeeeessy :P

Hmmm, I don't know, just *who* could be Kai's new partner?? ;) Maybe it's Aoi...maybe it's not...hell, maybe it's an original character, who knows?? ;) (psssh, like I'd ever do that, though :P)

Reita's state will definitely be revealed the next chapter and....I can't really tell you if Kleenex will be required or not, depends on how big of a baby you are :P

(You'll see in my email that the CD MORE than lived up to my expectations :D)

~Heather~leifang666 on January 8th, 2015 06:55 pm (UTC)
This seems interesting. Can't wait to see where it's leading.
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 9th, 2015 08:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much!
venus_doom74venus_doom74 on January 10th, 2015 02:52 am (UTC)
I love where this is going. Kai and Aoi meeting I assume LOL!

This is going to be a really good story; keep up the good work!
ぎめい: AAAWWalizamarie_chan on January 24th, 2015 07:29 am (UTC)
Waw impressive!!!
U made my day ^^v
Thaaaaaaaank u