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13 November 2014 @ 02:45 pm
Unseen Solitaire - Chapter 6 (Reita & Kai)  
Title: Unseen Solitaire
Chapter: 6/??
Author: bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Comedy, Angst, Drama
Warnings: mxm relationships, inappropriate language, mental instability
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Reita/Kai, Reita/Ruki, Uruha/OC, Aoi
Summary: Reita is an electrician who lives the life of a bachelor; not caring at all to settle down and put himself in a serious relationship. Will the enigmatic Kai be the one to change his bachelor ways?
Notes:A fill for the 'busted heater in the heart of winter ' square on krasivayadusha's angst/fluff bingo card. :P

Previous Chapters: (Chapter 1)(Chapter 2)(Chapter 3)(Chapter 4)(Chapter 5)

Chapter 6

Getting up at 5am every weekday morning was something Reita became accustomed to since starting to work full time at Takashima’s Electric six years ago. It was always wake up, shower, get dressed, down some coffee, and then relax until he had to bustle out of his apartment complex some time later in order to make it to work on time. That said, this particular early morning start time allowed Reita more than enough extra time to try and attempt to gain a few more moments of shut eye if his mind would allow it, and given the fact that he had next to no sleep last night due to nerves, he figured this morning would be one of those days where he took that extra hour for granted and allowed his body some more rest. Yet, here he was at a quarter till 5, tossing heavy blankets off of him and grumbling after having just been woken from a dream - one that left him feeling a little hot and bothered; images of Kai and just what he wanted to do to the eccentric online instructor plaguing his thoughts even while in slumber- due to the incessant ringing of his cell phone.

He swore he was going to be pissed beyond belief if he had accidentally set the alarm on his phone to an earlier time instead of a later, but he knew by the grating tone humming oh so joyfully from the device that wasn’t the case at all. That nagging tone meant it could possibly be one person and one person only calling him, and as he properly sat up in bed and grabbed his mobile to answer it, he prayed the man on the other line had a pretty damn good excuse for calling him at an hour any other person would deem insane.

Uruha. It is 4 o’clock in the goddamn morning. If someone’s not dying, I’m kicking your ass.” Pinching the bridge of his nose, sighing and trying to remove the sleepiness from his tone so he sounded more threatening. However, when in response all he received was some frantic breathing, his face scrunched into something unpleasant. “Uruha? What the hell is going-“

“Reita…White Day is today. White. Day.

Reita's face only scrunched more, this time in confusion, as Uruha’s heavy breaths now turned into a meek whisper. “Okay, Uru. And your point is…?”

That whisper was now at a level of panic, Reita easily able to detect Uruha’s breaths increasing rapidly, his friend now in near hysterics. “I totally forgot about it! Emi’s going to be awake in four hours and I don’t have anything for her.”

Sighing an exasperated breath, Reita began reprimanding himself for not being able to figure out Uruha’s situation earlier. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays - Uruha forgot them all. Reita knew his friend was probably huddled out in the living room of his home right now, tired bags under his eyes and his bed head hair everywhere, gnawing away at this thumb in nervousness. Because when you were married to someone as unforgiving as Emi, forgetting such events only issued you a death warrant.

Having been friends with Uruha so long, Reita now knew exactly what this beyond early morning phone call was about. So, with another grunt and a sigh, he stood from his bed. “Just let me throw on some pants, I’ll be at your house in fifteen.”

When he arrived outside the family sized home down town, Reita instantly spotted Uruha’s coral hair shining in the snowy morning; his friend all bundled up in a jacket and scarf. The father of two was apparently very heavy in thoughts, not having even noticed Reita’s arrival. So Reita decided to get some revenge for the early morning wakeup call by simultaneously turning on his high beams and revving his engine, resulting in Uruha’s eyes turning into near slits as he was blinded by the bright lights, and his body spazzing backwards into the snow at the sudden shock of the engine’s loud rumble. Reita instantly broke out into a fit of laughter as he watched Uruha stand and dust himself off, Uruha sending the blond a death glare and slamming the palm of his hand down on the hood of the truck as he shimmied around the large vehicle and jumped up into the passenger seat.

“You’re such a fucking asshole. Don’t even bother coming into work today, you’re fired.” Uruha grumbled as he buckled himself in, beginning to dust the snow out of his hair.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ve said that practically every day since we’ve known each other. Now, tell me where I’m going.” Stepping on the gas, Reita started forward, listening to Uruha tell him to just head into the city. They drove for only minutes before Reita spoke up again. “You know, its barley 5:30 in the morning. There’s not going to be many shops open.”

Uruha’s deep laughter was heard, Reita taking a glimpse over as they came to a stop, spotting a wide grin across his friend’s lips. “Rei, it’s Rikubetsu on White Day. Almost all shops open early so husbands like me survive the day with their dick still intact.”

Reita snorted.

It was a short drive into the city, the pair remaining quiet throughout most of the ride. When Reita finally parallel parked along the snowy side walk, it was almost a relief to step out into the bitter cold; Uruha having insisted on having the heater on full blast the entire drive, claiming he was frozen and it was all Reita’s fault.

Just as Reita had predicted, only a handful of shops were open, Sun’s luckily being one of them. “Why not get her a nice bushel of flowers?”

Uruha turned to Reita as they walked down the side walk, his hands shoved in his coat pockets and eyes widened; Reita noting that small hint of craze in Uruha’s golden orbs. “Flowers, Rei? She’s allergic.”

“Okay…what about chocolates?” Reita pointed towards the little candy shop a few buildings down from Sun’s, holding back a small grin as he watched Uruha’s eyes nearly beam out of his head.

“Oh my god, no! Are you trying to get me killed? She’s on a diet, Rei. I bring chocolates anywhere near her and she’ll massacre me.”

Sighing, Reita could only think of one last option; the small jewelry store just three doors down from Sun’s. Recommending it to Uruha, the pair walked the few feet, only for Uruha to practically fall to his knees on front of the store, the sign reading ‘Closed Due To Family Emergency’. Reita had to listen on, completely frustrated, for some minutes as his longtime friend went on and on about how his life was over. How Emi was going to divorce him and take away his kids, how he was going to fall into a depression so deep that he would eventually lose his business and then both himself and Reita would be jobless.

Through Uruha’s whining, Reita tried to think of alternative solutions to their current problem, his friend’s bickering getting so loud at one point that he actually had to slap his hands over his ears and close his eyes, just needing a moment of peace and quiet so he could properly brain storm. The moment finally came where he was just about to leave Uruha where he sat and head on home, knowing he would still be able to gain a few more hours of sleep. Though Reita had a sudden change of heart when his eyes finally re-opened and saw a bright, florescent light sign glowing in the distance, a grin now crossing his features. Turning back towards Uruha, he gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Come on, Uru. I just saved you ass. Again.”

Walking for only some minutes, the pair eventually came to standing outside a more run down looking building. It was clearly in need of a good pressure wash and one of the large windows at the front had a beginning to form a crack. Dead greenery needed to be cleaned up and the snow outside needed to be shoveled, but it was the only option Uruha had left if he wanted to live to see tomorrow.

Hands shoved in their pockets, either man stared up at the flickering sign above them, reading it to themselves simultaneously.

Ikari’s Pawn.

It was a favored shop when the two friends were fresh and out of college, always able to find supplies and decorations for their apartments nice and cheap. Without having to really exchange anything verbally, Reita knew they were both thinking the same thing; what happened? The shop used to be so well kept, a friendly, elderly man running it right alongside his wife. They were the image of a perfect couple and Reita and Uruha had become some of their most valued customers; the married pair always greeting them with a smile and giving them discounts on the underpriced items.

It has been years since either man stepped foot into the shop, but the last Reita heard the elderly couple had retired and their grandson took over the place. That bit of news was learned at least five years ago.

Looking to each other and shrugging their shoulders, the men walked into the shop, finding it completely empty. They called random queries such as ‘Hello? Anyone here?’ and searched around the crowded aisles, looking to see if the owner was putting new items up on display. But they found nothing. Soon enough they made their way to the front of the shop, Reita hooking his body over the counter so he could take a glance into the little office space off to the left, hoping to see if maybe a light was on, which of course there wasn’t.

“Rei, maybe this is a sign. If Emi ever found out I bought her present at a pawn shop, she would kill me.”

Rolling his eyes and sighing, Reita looked towards Uruha. “Look, Uru. The only way she’s ever going to know it’s from a pawn shop is if you personally tell her. Besides, you can get really nice items-”

“Welcome to Ikari’s Pawn! Sorry for the wait, the bell above the door is busted, so I didn’t even hear you guys come in.”

More than relieved to be interrupted from having to calm Uruha down once again, Reita faced back towards the counter, finding someone he wasn’t expecting. The previous owners had appeared kind and gentle, however, the man before Reita looked anything but that.

Flushed and out of breath and pale cheeks painted the color red, the shop owner in front of him had a unique look. Loaded heavily with facial piercings and not a spot on his arms that wasn’t covered in tattoos, Reita observed him, knowing he had seen this rarity before, but unable to pick out just when and where.

Their silence apparently made the shop keep more than a little uncomfortable, a nervous smile appearing on metal laced lips and a hand coming up to sweep through a combination of black and red hair. “Sooo, just what is it you fellas are looking for?” nervous eyes flickered down through a pair a thick rimmed glasses, the shop keep’s expression lighting up upon scanning Uruha’s hand, “Ahh, jewelry for the wife. Am I right?”

Uruha nodded his head enthusiastically, shouting ‘Yes! Please tell me you have something nice’, but Reita continued to stare on at the tatted shop keep, it still bugging as to where he’s seen him before.

The owner of the store smiled brightly, assuring Uruha that he had exactly what he was looking for. “I’ll be right back, all my best jewelry is stored in the back.”

Either from lack of sleep or simply because it was too early in the morning, Reita found himself heavily annoyed, staring after the tattooed man as he disappeared back into his office. The fact of the matter was Rikubetsu was a small town, so he could’ve easily have just passed this guy somewhere on the streets before without truly realizing it. But still…the owner’s face seemed fresh in his memory, so it had to have been at least somewhat recently.

He knew he would continue to infuriate himself if he kept trying to figure out why the man appeared so familiar, so he simply patted Uruha on the shoulder, excusing himself as he stated he was going to browse the store as they awaited.

Walking through various aisles and digging through crates, it was decided he could easily make two baskets worth of purchases. He had always been one for little knit knacks that would in the long run do him no good and just end up in the corner of his flat collecting dust in just under a week, so as much as he wanted to make the purchase, he found himself internally reprimanding himself, repeatedly scolding and saying that he just didn’t need more junk.

Be that as it may, there were two objects the blond came across the he knew he had to buy; the reason alone being that he simply loved the self-gratification he received when gifting the people he cared about with something that would make them beyond happy being one of the most thrilling feelings in the world.

One of those mentioned objects was an entire case of brand new nature documentaries, having been reminded of Kai the moment his hazel eyes scanned the top of the set.

In the months they’d known each other, if Reita hadn’t found Kai immersed in his laptop or a book when he walked through the front door, he would find him curled up on the couch; his eyes completely distracted by that of the nature network playing on the television before him. It was only a short while before the blond came to learn that he was not to distract Kai during his marathon of natural wonders around the world, the first time he had done so also being the first time he’d experienced Kai getting pissy with him, even going to the extent that he sent Reita home without his usual hug and kiss good bye.

The other item Reita found was a well-worn leather jacket, being reminded of Aoi the moment he gathered the tough material in his hands. It was a split second decision, not even bothering to look at the price tags as he gathered the box set and jacket in his arms. He knew Aoi would absolutely love jacket, and Reita figured this could be one of the very beginning steps he took to prove to Aoi just how apologetic he was for all the years of torment he dragged him through.

When he made his way back up to the counter, the shop keep was back with Uruha, allowing his friend to scan a wide selection of jewelry. When the red haired man took notice of Reita’s reappearance and the objects in his hands, he smiled brightly at him. “Would you like to purchase those items, sir?”

“Yeah, I w-” he doesn’t know what it was. Maybe the way he smiled or moved around, but something in Reita’s mind finally clicked, now fully realizing where he had seen the man before him: Aoi’s obnoxious customer from just the night prior. “I knew I’d seen you around somewhere before. Lotus is a pretty good bar, ehh?”

The owner blinked, a small blush crossing his cheeks as he watched Reita put his items down on the counter. After a nervous chuckle, the tattooed man began scanning the items, not looking Reita in the eye as he spoke. “Y-yeah…friendly people and good service. Has a real nice atmosphere…will that be all for you today?”

Nodding his head in answer, a price was mentioned, and with an exchange of money and bag underway, Reita stood waiting for Uruha to now make his final decision.

He would be lying if he said he wasn’t curious to how the shop keep reacted to his question, but then he quickly decided that maybe he was thinking way too far into things. The tattooed man had been extremely obnoxious the night before, so maybe he was just embarrassed that somebody had actually witnessed his drunken behavior.

After another half an hour, Uruha had finally decided on a long, elegant silver chain that had two intertwining hearts with diamond studs as its center piece. Reita was nothing short of placated when they finally walked out of the shop, knowing Uruha would now be a hell of a lot more enjoyable to be around.

Or so he thought. Because after their short walk back to the car, Reita realized he’d forgotten his car keys back at the pawn shop, resulting in Uruha reprimanding him for how stupid he could be at times as Reita began a light jog back to the shop to go gather his key ring.

He entered silently yet again, looking up as he stood under the arch of the door and indeed spotting the broken bell the shop keep mentioned earlier. Voices could be heard up front, Reita honestly surprised there was another costumer so shortly after he and Uruha left. So instead of interrupting, he figured he would just slip in, grab his keys and go.

Without regard to his surroundings, he started to make his way for the front counter, figuring he must have left them there. But before he took the final steps that would actually put him in view of where the voices were conversing, Reita found he was practically tossing himself into one of the aisles, wishing to remain unseen. Because the other voice now in the shop, he knew it.

“Hitsu, I’m just going to head back to my place, it’s bound to be busy here today. The bar’s closed for the day, so just stop by my place after you close up, okay?”

Shocked was an under exaggeration, but that was the only way Reita could possibly describe the sight he saw through the cracks in the aisle’s shelves. Because there Aoi was, his arms wrapped around the shop keep’s waist and chin resting on his shoulder, kissing the side of his neck.

He knows Aoi told him just last night that he finally found someone to casually hook up with. He knew this person was a regular at Aoi’s bar. But no matter how much he knew, Reita was still surprised, because just from the few seconds of interaction he saw between the pair, it was obvious this wasn’t something just casual. They definitely had a history.

He continued to watch them for a short while longer, watching them hug and kiss once more, Aoi mentioning how they could have dinner together back at his place later on in the night as he slipped on his jacket. He watched how they smiled at one another and how Aoi brushed his broad hands through bright red hair, placing a kiss to the shop keep’s temple before finally making his way out the back entrance.

It was only once Aoi was gone did Reita find it in himself to move from the aisle, quietly pacing his steps until he was at the front register. The owner was looking down, sorting through some stock and humming a happy tune. So it was only when Reita leaned forward a bit and cleared his throat did he catch the other’s attention; the shop keep spluttering before turning his full concentration on him.

“Back so soon?” a smile. “Anything else I can get for you, sir?”

Reita simply shook his head, spotting his keys exactly where he thought he had left them and pocketing them. “No thank you…just forgot these. I’ll be on my way now.”

“Oh, okay! Have a good day, then!”

Turning to leave, Reita found himself half way to the exit before he turned back around, unable to resist asking just one thing. “Hey,” the shop keep looked up at him, looking rather confused. “I was just wondering…what’s your name?”


Shoving his hands in his pockets and nodding his head, Reita stared at the man he now knew as Hitsugi, offering him a small upturn of lips. “Well then, Hitsugi, I guess I’ll see you around. Next time you’re in Lotus, be sure to look for me, chances are I’m there. I’ll buy you a few rounds.”

Another bright smile was tossed his way and a nod of agreement, and then Reita was making his way back out into the cold.

After dropping Uruha back off at his house and stopping by his own apartment to change into work clothes, Reita went through all his appointments for the day. Heaters, more lighting fixtures; it was nothing ever too major in their small town. By the time he finished work for the day, his mind was completely ridden of thoughts about what happened this morning, his nerves that had caused him next to no sleep during the night now back at full force. Kai being the only person to occupy this thoughts.

He hadn’t spoken with the eccentric character all day, something that only added to Reita’s nerves. So by the time he was showered and dressed to his best in a form fitting black sweater and his usual wear and tear jeans, he was nearly shaking, actually having made his way down to his truck before he realized he had forgotten the bamboo – the one White Day present he was sure Kai was going to like – upstairs.

After reaching his truck again, it was decided it was probably best that he triple check everything. So he opened his trunk, verifying he had all the supplies he needed, and then he was on his way to Kai’s, his heart about to beat out of his chest.

Instead of pulling up to the curve side of the road of Kai’s house as per usual, Reita actually parked in the small driveway, needing to park as close to the backyard as possible. It took him almost an hour of going back and forth to get everything set up, but eventually everything was picture perfect of what he had imagined, feeling some of those nerves lift and confidence take over.

Hey, I’m here. Have a few surprises for you. –Reita

I really don’t like surprises. They’re so...surprisey. But I like you, so just come on in through the back door (^-^; – Kai

Chuckling to himself at the straightforwardness Kai had not a problem expressing, Reita did as instructed and made his way into the house through the back. Right away he noticed the stream of light coming from Kai’s bedroom, not even hesitating on popping his head into the room, words freezing in his throat and eyebrows scrunching at the sight he was met with.

Kai was laying on his back on his futon, eyes closed and his favored bamboo resting on his chest; such as a parent would hold a baby. His laptop, that he never seemed to be without, was opened to the side of him, the speakers producing sounds that Reita could only describe as...earthy? Birds cawing and the rustling of trees, water streaming in the distant background and wind swaying.

Breaking himself from his careful watch and clearing his throat, he remained standing in the arch of the door and hid his recently purchased plant behind his back. “Kai, I’m here-“

Shhhh. Isola-chan and I are in a rain forest right now. Please do not interrupt.”

“But I-“

Kai lifted a finger to those smooth lips of his, face pinching into an expression of slight annoyance, Reita's interruptions obviously starting to get on his nerves. “Shhh, Rei. Shhh. We’re just about to reach Isola’s favorite part of the trail.”

The blond’s mouth fell open in the slightest, “Wait…what?”

Kai, apparently, decided to ignore Reita this time, simply reaching a hand out and blindly searching for the volume controls on his laptop; turning it up to its maximum level so he could drown the older man out.

Seconds turned into drawn out minutes, Reita continuing to watch Kai with a slack jaw, this being another new quirk he had yet to discover about the young online instructor. It was definitely strange, but it was also endearing as hell, and Reita’s expression of confusion quickly morphed into a bright beam. Especially when the stream of water became louder, becoming almost the only sound in the entire room, which made Kai’s deep mocha eyes suddenly shoot open and caused him to smile the brightest Reita has ever seen.

“Ahh, there you go, Isola. There’s your favorite waterfall! And now your other favorite person is here. You want to go say hi to Rei?” Expression still nothing but bright, Kai stood from his futon, making his way over to Reita and shoving the lucky bamboo in the his face. “Say hi to Isola, Rei!”

Expecting eyes stared at him, Reita knowing exactly what Kai was awaiting for him to do. Clearing his throat and putting on the kindest voice he could muster, the blond bowed at the waist in the slightest, only to straighten himself and take one of Isola’s leaves, shaking it gently as if it were an actual hand. “I must say, you’re looking rather green today, Isola-chan. Good to see Kai’s taking care of you real well.”

One of Kai’s boyish giggles soon filled the air, Reita’s entire body feeling warm at such a charming sight. “Of course I’m taking good care of her, Rei. She’s my baby. Buuut,” placing Isola down on his nearby desk, Kai stepped closer to Reita, “Now it’s my turn to take care of you~.”

No matter how many times it happened, Reita knew he'd never be able to prepare himself for Kai’s kisses. There was something about them that was innocent yet heated, firm yet soft. When Kai kissed him, all his worries in the world disappeared, the blissful moment of lips moving upon lips always enough to provide him with a vision of his own utopia.

This time was no different.

Reita was pushed against the nearest wall, silently praying in the back of his head that his hidden bamboo survived the impact. With Kai’s fingers curling into the chest of his shirt, the younger stared up at him with a mischievous smile, only to tilt his head and slowly push their lips together; Reita automatically humming into the kiss.

Tongues were tangling together within seconds, the heavenly sweetness Kai tasted of proving that he’d recently finished up a cup of tea. Reita wanted nothing more than to grab hold of Kai’s thin waist and to pull him close, but he hadn’t a need to do so, seeing as Kai wasted no time in leaning into the blond all he could, their bodies practically plastered together.

The usual frantic pace wasn’t there, Kai in complete control and apparently deciding he wanted to keep things nice and slow today. Even then, Reita still felt his inner core begin to ignite in a lustful heat, the thought that after tonight the two of them could possibly be official only making the desire he felt for the other soar through the roof.

When the kiss was broken, either men were panting in the slightest; their cheeks a rosy red and lips glistening.

Supporting Kai’s present in one hand and lifting the other, rough fingers glided across smooth cheek bone, Kai leaning into the touch and Reita’s voice soft as he spoke. “You ready for one of your surprises?”

“Hmm…maaaaybe. It depends on what it-” Reita pulled the plant out from behind him, and Kai's jaw slammed down to the ground as his dark eyes tripled in size. Reita knowing his gift had full approval when one of those baby smiles took over Kai's lips and those cute laugh lines appeared. “Oh. My. Gosh. Reita! This is really for me, right? Like really, really for me? No take backs or anything, right?”

Chuckling, Reita reached up and ruffled bits of coal black hair. “Naah, no take backs. I think it would be rather lonely at my apartment anyways. At least here there’s other bamboo to speak with.”

Continuing to smile wide and proud, Kai placed another peck on Reita’s lips before turning back into the room, the blond able to hear Kai enthusiastically introduce the newest addition to his collection to all his other ‘children’.

Knowing it was going to take a while for Kai to get the new plant properly situated, Reita went ahead and made his way into the kitchen, beginning to prepare a decent lunch. Only twenty minutes passed before he felt arms wrap around him from behind, a sweet scent filling his senses as Kai buried his face into the middle of his back, placing a small kiss there and mumbling. “Rei…thank you so much. She’s really beautiful and seems to be getting on just fine with everybody else. Especially Isola-chan.”

Humming and leaning forward to turn off the heat settings on the stove, Reita moved the pan of food he’d been preparing off to the side, not wanting it to burn. Turning around and resting his hands on Kai’s waist, he looked deep into his eyes. “That doesn’t really surprise me, Isola seems to get along with everyone,” dipping his head and kissing Kai’s cheek, “Now, come on. Lunch is ready, let’s eat.”

Instead of eating at the kitchen table, they ended up in the living room; a blanket stretched across both their laps as they sat shoulder to shoulder with their legs tucked under the coffee table. Having been unable to resist the urge, Reita caved in and presented Kai with another one of his gifts a bit earlier than originally planned, the pair now sitting in silence as they found themselves completely absorbed in the nature documentaries Reita purchased at the thrift shop just this morning.

As the third documentary came to an end, apparently so did Kai’s patience. Because just as all other visits have gone in recent weeks, the younger’s resistance to keep his hands off of Reita collapsed in just a few hours time.

It started out with Kai nibbling on his neck, a hand soon massaging Reita’s inner thigh under the blanket and causing his head to fall back, a pleased moan escaping him. And then just like clockwork, the pair ended up on the couch, kissing each other breathless.

Reita was on his back and Kai was straddling his waist, the blond’s hands slowly sneaking back and grabbing ahold of the swell of Kai’s ass, squeezing with enough force that Kai began whimpering into the kiss. Everything was scorching, Reita trying to figure out a time where something so simple had felt this good, only to realize the answer was never. Because every time he kissed Kai, every time he hugged or felt Kai begin to grind against him. It was never the exact same feeling. Everything intensified every time they touched or glanced each other’s way, and Reita was beginning to realize that the reason why none of his other attempts at forming a relationship worked before was because all this time, he was waiting for somebody as perfectly imperfect as Kai.

They had next to no similar interests, grew up in completely different environments, and they truly only knew about each other what could be read about on the surface. Still, Reita was certain, Kai was it. Nobody else out there could ever provide him with the feelings Kai has in the few months they have known each other, he was sure of it. Different as night and day yet still built just for one another. It was early on, the two of them still officially nothing. But Reita could confess with an open heart that at this moment, there was no denying that he was indeed, absolutely in love with Kai, a fact that made his heart race at levels he’s never once experienced.

Breaking the kiss as he felt Kai begin to fumble with his belt buckle, he grabbed Kai gently by the shoulders and pushed him back. A pout was what he was instantly met with, breathing hard and fast as if he had just run a marathon.

“Come on, Rei. We can finally do this without interruptions. Why are you the one stopping things now?”

Sitting up and pulling his legs from under Kai’s weight, Reita’s tan features morphed into pure amusement, staring affectionately at Kai as if he was a treasure who should be worshipped. “Sorry, Kai, but I have one more surprise for you…and I think you’ll really like it.”

Kai sighed, but Reita was able to see the excitement building behind those Bambi eyes. “Fine. But I’m only agreeing to this because none of your surprises have completely sucked yet.”

Reita smiled. “Good to know. Now,” beginning to dig through his back pocket, he pulled out a thick strip of cloth, “Would you mind putting this on?”

A devilish grin appeared on Kai’s lips as he accepted the satin material. “A blind fold, Rei? Are you finally giving in and beginning to tell me about some of your kinks?”

Reita scoffed playfully, standing up and helping Kai tie the cloth around his eyes. “Only in your dreams…”

Once he was sure the cloth was properly secure, Reita took Kai’s hands in his own and helped him up off the couch, stepping behind Kai and beginning to direct him through the house with his hands on his shoulders. Kai questioned him the entire time, playing a guessing game of just what the surprise could be, only for Reita to deny him answers, telling him to just be patient and wait.

In spite of all the excitement Kai had just been expressing, Reita felt the younger’s body tense up when they neared their destination; Kai having been in this house long enough to even blindly know the route. “R-rei…why are you taking me to the back porch?”

“Because that’s where the surprise is.”

Kai froze on the spot. “But, Rei…I…that’s really- I’m not very comfortable going out there…”

Without even having to witness the current expression sprawled across the eccentric character’s face, Reita could sense the raw, unnerving fear running through Kai’s entire body at the moment. Like a deer caught in the headlights; his destination within just a few steps reach but dismay so strong and consuming that he had no choice but to stand there and pray his source of panic didn’t devour him whole.

This was a level of fright he had seen evoked in Kai one time too many, having by now developed a strategy that he knew would calm the younger down in minutes. He rested his chin on his shoulder and laced his arms gently around his waist, placing a soft kiss to his neck and speaking reassuringly. “Hey, there’s no need to be scared, alright? The porch is all screened in, it’s still a part of your home. No one can hurt you there, promise.” A kiss to his forehead, “And even if somebody did magically appear and try something…I’ll be here to protect you.”

Slowly Reita could feel the tension seeping out of Kai’s body, his affectionate touches and reassuring words beginning to submerge into Kai’s train of thought, allowing him to feel a bit more at ease. Releasing a shuddering breath, he began nodding his head. “O-okay…I can do this.”

Planting another encouraging endearment to Kai’s temple, Reita reached for his hand, squeezing tightly before taking the final steps.

He slid open the sliding glass door, the pair stepping out and Reita chuckling the moment he saw Kai’s face scrunch up in confusion. “What’s wrong now?”

“Well I mean…it’s still winter, right?”

“For a few more days, yeah.”

“Okay…then why is it so warm out here?”

Reita chuckled. “Take off the blind fold and you’ll see.”

Doing as instructed, Kai removed the heavy cloth material, instant shock appearing on his boyish features; Bambi eyes glistening and mouth set in an adorable ‘o’ shape as he turned in slow circles, registering just what exactly Reita had turned his back porch into.

Lantern lights of all different shades hung loosely around the screened in walls, illuminating the space alongside the stars and moons in the sky, providing a harmonious atmosphere. There were store away heaters packed tightly in each corner, filling the compact area with a warmth that went a little bit above comfortable, but it only took Kai only all of about two seconds to understand why Reita had decided to manipulate the room temperature as such.

Sun. It was supposed to be the sun.

Because sprawled all across the floor space of the porch were mounds and mounds of sand, Kai able to feel the grainy substance seep in though his socks. An umbrella lie spread in the middle of the room, two long, colorful beach towels running their length right under it. There were even toy shovels and pails filled with water to the brim scattered around random areas, all of it soon topped off as Reita crossed the room to reach a battery powered radio, clicking play, sounds of crashing waves soon following.

“I know it’s not exactly a beach, but it’s pretty damn close, wouldn’t you agree?” Continuing to scope Kai’s stunned features, Reita crossed the distance between them, his rough hands back on thin hips, trying to break the surprised reticence on Kai’s end. “Kai? You like it, don’t you? Because you’re being awfully quiet, and that never happens. So I either did something really, really good…or really, really bad…”

Those had apparently been the words to snap Kai out of his daze, his choppy jet black hair beginning to dance all around as he shook his head, eyes still just as wide as ever and smile bright. “No no! Good, definitely good! I just…it’s perfect, Rei. It really is. I was just wondering…”

“Wondering what?”

“Does this mean you’re finally going to fuck me?”

Kai blinked those doe eyes of his, pools of mocha so deep one could drown in them. The crashing of waves was all that was heard for a sparse moment before Reita’s rowdy laugher combined with it; realizing Kai’s question had been completely heart felt and serious.

“Yeah, Kai, that was the plan. Sex on the beach just like you always wanted, hmm?”

When all Kai did in response was offer up a beam that showed off every tooth and laugh line alike, Reita knew this would be a moment he would play on repeat in his mind for the remainder of his life.

Kai’s arms lacing around his neck tight like a corset and sincere smiles spread across both sets of lips, and then Reita was dipping his head, a gentle kiss beginning.

The sexual tension between them these past few months has been nothing but raw, reaching unbelievable heights. So it didn’t surprise Reita in the least bit that their near innocent exchange quickly morphed into something more heated; pulling Kai close and showing no resistance as cold hands began to glide their way under his sweater, the younger obviously wanting the bothersome fabric up and out of the way as quick as possible.

Reita flinched back some when icy fingers began tracing the lightly muscled outline of his abdomen, feeling Kai’s lips quirk into a grin at the reaction he drew from him. Those soft fingers continuing to caress him as such left Reita feeling heated all over again, his desire building and patience dissipating, unable to predict if he would be able to keep things nice and slow with Kai as originally planned.

When their kiss eventually broke, that didn’t mean their contact did. For Reita’s lips were now sucking tenderly on Kai’s neck, teeth nipping and tongue teasing. Kai’s mouth right by his ear and releasing light pants and whimpers, letting Reita know just how good it all felt. Those rousing noises only increasing in volume as Reita’s broad hands dipped into the elastic of Kai’s sweat pants, grabbing hold of soft mounds of flesh and pulling their lower halves together, resulting in their hardening erections brushing together through scratchy fabric.

Unngh, Rei…feel s-so good…want more…”

Chuckling gravelly and sucking on Kai’s lobe, his voice a pulling whisper. “Of course, Kai…anything you want.”

From then on, everything became more frantic. Hands working on belts and buckles, pants pooling to the ground in wrinkled piles and shirts getting tossed to random corners of the manmade beach. Kai’s breath hitched in his throat as Reita began sucking on his Adam’s apple, eyes hooded as he pushed Reita away and gave him a look that spoke all the words which needed to be said. Things couldn’t be drawn out much longer, they needed each other this way, to finally connect in the most intimate way possible and lift that veil so they could truly begin this relationship they have both been thriving for.

Reita felt his hand being grabbed and then he was led to the towels he rolled out earlier, feeling his back seep into the sand through the soft cotton and Kai straddling him. The only layer between them now was the thin layer of their boxer briefs, Kai continuing to grate their erections together as he leaned forward and gently cupped the sides of Reita’s face, their foreheads connecting and lips brushing, breaths mingling and pants of want escaping.

Forcing his eyes fully open and gazing into Kai’s endless mochas, the only touching happening as of right now being Kai’s thumbs swishing over the apples of the blond’s cheeks, the grinding have stopped and erections simply resting against each other through the almost non-existent cloth barriers.

Reita found it odd that the forever chatter box Kai picked now of all times to remain utmost quiet, but it was an oddity that he quite enjoyed. Because simply watching the minor changes in Kai; how his cheeks took on a deep shade of red, how his Bambi eyes filled with a haze and desire and concentrated only on Reita underneath him, even how his lips tinted rosy red and became a bit thicker than usual. He was able to take all that in and fully understand Kai’s silent words, making a fire ignite in his body and send his blood pulsing.

Because for the first time in ever, this wasn’t just about sex. It was about coming full circle on their bond of trust they’ve built in recent months; Kai’s baby smile appearing and making Reita’s head spin.

“Rei…before we continue, I have to tell you something.”

“Anything, Kai. You can tell me anything, you know that.”

Nodding his head and biting his lip, Kai broke their eye contact, burying his face in the crook of Reita’s neck. “I…I haven’t slept with anyone since Ni~ya.”

Reita’s heart sped up even more.

Six years. He was going to be Kai’s first in over 6 years.

Running his hands through choppy hair, Reita encouraged Kai to lift his head, their eyes connecting once more and Reita offering an understanding look. “That’s okay, Kai. I’ll be as gentle with you as I can, promise.”

Kai started shaking his head. “No, Rei. That’s not what I meant. I haven’t been with anybody since Ni~ya, but…that doesn’t mean I’m a virgin all over again. I have a dildo collection that could put my bamboo collection to shame and I use it practically every night. So don’t hold back any, alright?”

Everything went silent, both men simply staring at each other, Reita unable to hold back a fit of laughter as he realized that Kai was once again nothing but serious. The slight tension that was always there when being this intimate with somebody for the first time was broken, Reita now feeling as relaxed as he always did around Kai, always grateful for the younger’s unfiltered speech and seemingly random bits of information.

Once he calmed down from laughing, he copied the position Kai’s hands had taken on the sides of his cheeks, lifting his head so he could bush their lips together; smiling as he pulled away. “You’ll have to show me that collection one day…”

“Sure thing. But for now-” Reita felt Kai’s hand moving downwards, grasping his erection through his boxer-briefs and showing no resistance as he squeezed; the blond gasping and eyes clamping shut, Kai’s touch nothing short of sending him delirious. “I want the real thing.”

With that devious grin Kai was sending him from above, Reita knew all the procrastination would now stop. No more conversation, no more distractions. Now it was all about simply showing Kai what he had to offer.

Wrapping his hands around the back of Kai’s neck, be drug the younger down on top of him, crashing their lips back together and starting a kiss that had them both moaning in seconds.

Tongues were lapping, erections were back to grinding, and Reita was positive Kai had the sweetest mouth in all of existence. Hands were discovering every square inch of body, and before long Reita’s hands were dipping into Kai’s boxers, encouraging the other to lift his hips so he could completely slide them off his scrawny legs – something that had Reita once more breaking the kiss, his head falling back against the towel and eyes closing slightly as he groaned. “Holy – that picture you sent did you absolutely no justice, you’re more than hung.”

Kai’s eyes only narrowed, grabbing Reita’s cheeks and beginning to pepper kisses against the blond’s lips. “Rei, shut up. Less talking and more touching.”

Chuckling at Kai’s impatience, Reita did as demanded, replying back to Kai’s kiss heatedly.

They continued kissing and groping until the coiling heat became too much, Kai slowly but surely beginning to roll off of Reita and lay flat on his back on the other towel, indicating to the blond exactly how he wanted things to go down tonight. It was another silent demand which Reita quickly followed through on, moving to hover above Kai and begin stripping his own boxers, hissing when his hardened cock was finally freed from its confines.

Having drawn everything out long enough already, Reita wasted no time in reaching into one of the nearby pails, pulling out a tube of his preferred lubricant and a single condom, wasting not even a second before he was coating his fingers and pulling away from the current heated exchange, smiling serenely at the cute pout Kai had to offer at the disruption of his pleasure once again.


“It’s okay, Kai. I’m not stopping this time, I promise. I just want to make sure you’re ready…”

Kai blinked, tilting his head to the side a bit. “That’s a stupid question considering I’ve been ready for you for like a month already. Which is approximately 43,829 minu-”

Reita silenced Kai with another kiss, inserting a single finger into Kai’s entrance at the exact same time and smiling as he felt Kai’s unsaid words turn into a moaned plea for more against his lips.

He continued working him, one finger curling and uncurling, Kai’s pleads only increasing as he added a second and then a third. The stretching went on as Reita’s lips left Kai’s own, beginning to trail down the younger’s jaw and throat, sucking on his neck and leaving his mark behind; Kai’s heavy breaths and nails digging into his back a sure sign that much more had to happen very soon or else neither of them would be getting exactly what they needed.

Reita pulled back, feeling his chest and watching Kai’s own heave up in down; both of their faces a heady red and sparked with arousal. He could feel Kai’s lust filled eyes devouring him as he ripped open the condom wrapper, hissing as he rolled the latex onto his painfully hard length. Could physically feel just how much Kai was craving this as he slicked himself up and stroked a few times before falling into position. And as he slowly began to push in and felt Kai’s quivering walls clench and unclench around him, it was discovered he would never be able to touch another man again.

For this was a sensation Reita had never once before witnessed. The way Kai clung to him, the way he panted against his ear and told Reita just how good he felt. The way Kai’s heat felt like no others and the way they simply fit together perfectly. Reita was sure before even the first full thrust that Kai was his new addiction; a craving his could never resist.

Kai’s arm tightening around his neck and legs fastening themselves around his strong waist, Reita listened to the new silent insistence; hips beginning to snap back and forth at a lazy pace, letting Kai adjust to everything.

Kai’s moans fueled Reita to give it everything he had. Rolling his hips at just the right angle, lips never once leaving Kai’s skin, alternating the speed of his thrusts. He planned on making this moment far more than memorable, wanting to provide Kai with the utmost pleasure.

Oh god, R-reita! Harder!”

Lifting his lips from Kai’s neck and bringing him into a wet, chaotic kiss that had their heads spinning, Reita picked up his pace, his thrusts now near brutal. He was slamming into Kai, the sexual tension that had formed between them in three months time now fully boiling to the surface and needing to be unleashed. Every dream Reita had of this moment played in the back of his head, the blond taking no heed and making each and every one of those dreams a reality.

He snapped his hips, he found that sweet spot that would have Kai screaming his name, and he continuously rammed into Kai at that pleasurable angle; absolutely loving watching Kai come completely undone beneath him.

The heat radiating between their two bodies was drastic, almost overwhelming. But Reita forced himself to finish with a bang; his speed never once dying down. All those morning jogs proved to be worth his while, because eventually Kai was breaking their kiss with a scream, panting as he reached down to wrap a hand around his cock and begin stroking.

The sight was absolutely majestic and Reita almost found himself stunned to stillness; completely entrapped in watching Kai help bring himself to his own release. His cheeks flushed even more, a scandalous red taking over, and the sensual whimpers falling from his ever kissable lips increased tenfold. Reita’s name slipped through those whispered noises of gratification; that being the factor which brought Reita back into the zone of things and pick back up his original near brutal pace.

Torrid heat was soon attacking Reita’s core, the blond showing no resistance and tearing the most pleasurable noises from the back of Kai’s throat. One. Two. Three more times he slammed into Kai’s bundle of sensitive nerves and that’s all it took; Kai moaning and throwing his head to the side as he came hard, decorating his and Reita’s stomachs in a warm, pearly release.

“F-fuck, Kai!”

Walls clenching and unclenching around his unbearably hard cock, Reita lasted only moments after Kai; filling the condom and collapsing on top of the younger. They were both sweaty and breathing hard, natural body heat from their recent activities and the surrounding heaters making the temperature of the room unbearable. Stray kisses were shared as their breathing began to calm; back to now being able to only hear the crashing of the pre-recorded waves.

Finally collecting enough energy, Reita found it in himself to carefully pull out of Kai and roll onto his side; arms wrapped around Kai’s lithe waist and their contrasting eyes staring into one another’s as cheeky smiles turned up on their kiss swollen lips.

“Sooo,” reaching out and brushing some of Kai’s drenched strands of dark locks behind his ear, “How’d I do?”

“Much better than my dildos, that’s for sure.” Kai grinned. “Buuut…next time we do this? I want to show you my full potential.”

“Full potential? What does that mean? I thought you were pretty freakin’ amazing this go around.”

Another salacious grin on his lips, Kai leaned further into Reita, walking a pair of fingers up his chest with tease. “I guess you’ll just have to stick around so you can see…”

Reita’s heart began to race for about the millionth time this evening, knowing now was his chance. It was the perfect set up, the perfect opportunity. All he had to do was get the words out, figure out just how not to fuck everything up.

Taking Kai’s hands in his own, he weaved their fingers together, kissing Kai’s knuckles. “Well…I do plan on sticking around, for a while actually, because...I want you to be my boyfriend.”

Kai’s eyes lit up brighter than Reita’s ever seen them do before. “I think…that sounds like a really good idea.”

Reita smiled brightly, kissing Kai’s temple. “Good.” He couldn’t believe how easy it was. All this time he’s been worrying over nothing. “Now, I think we should head on inside and shower. Mind taking one together with me…babe?” The endearment felt weird against his lips, but Reita decided to give it a shot. Because Kai was special, so he assumed just his name wouldn’t cut it anymore. However, Reita realized he made a grave mistake, because Kai’s boyish features were now scrunching up in disgust next to him, pulling away from Reita and wrinkling his nose.

“Don’t call me that. It’s demeaning.”

Reita’s own features mimicked Kai’s but for different reasons. “What? How is it demeaning? I’m just showing affection.”

“No you’re not. You’re either referring to me as an infant or a baby pig and I don’t see how you can consider either of those to be affectionate.”

The blond held back a laugh, Kai’s ways of over thinking the simplest things always nothing but amusing to him. “Okay, then. What about…sweetie?”

Kai’s expression was nothing short of appalled, an exasperated gasp escaping him as the flat of his palms slapped against Reita’s chest. “Do I look like a cup of tea to you? You can call me Kai or Kai, nothing else. Got it?”

Laughing hard with his arms around his stomach, watching through bleary eyes as Kai continued to pout. Reita forced himself to hold back the rush of feelings his felt. For at this moment he felt content and wouldn’t have a problem in the world confessing to Kai just how deeply in love he was with him. But it was too soon, so he didn’t even dare, not willing to risk possibly of scaring Kai away. Their relationship was going to be based off of baby steps, nothing too drastic too soon, Reita determined to slowly shed each concealing layer off of Kai until they knew every second of each other’s lives – the bad and the good.

Calming down and reaching out a broad hand, he laid it across Kai’s cheek, leaning in so he could kiss that adorable pout.

“Got it…honey.”


A/N: soooo....I'm no happy with this chapter...at all :'DD I hate writing dialogue and I hate writing sex scenes and that's what 99 percent of this chapter was so yeah, my confidence this chapter is absolutely non-existent :D

I honestly had the urge to just toss this entire chapter and start anew, but it's over 9K and I just couldn't bring myself to do it, especially with how dead my brain has been and still is =/

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Alright, I think that's it for now. Hope some of you at least somewhat enjoyed~ :D
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Karyta: bubble reitakyoselflove on November 14th, 2014 01:00 am (UTC)
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Reita is a cheeseball and I love it! And I'm suuuuper glad that Kai didn't come across as too odd this chapter, because I was worried about that like no other D: But I figured, the more at ease he becomes around Reita, the more of an odd ball he'll turn into :p

I always feel so unnatural with my dialogue and sex is just ugggh. It's so hard not to sound mechanical and just like 'he stick his dick in his butt and it felt nice' -___- So I just try to step around it with writing very vague smut lol.

Aww , thank you! The same could be said for me about you, though! If I could draw, I'd TOTALLY be drawing you some Kaoi with cute lil kids ;____; SO. CUTE.

Thank you so much for the super sweet comment~ <33
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"It was obvious this wasn’t something just casual. They definitely had a history."

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Awww, I'm grateful you see me as a cup of tea lol >:33 I just need to stop being a whiny baby, because I know if I come back and re-read this chapter in a few months, it won't seem *nearly* as bad...but still, for now I'm dwelling on it :p

Now that they've finally done it I can tell you Kai was supposed to like jump Reita in the first chapter but I didn't feel like writing smut so I just drew it out as long as I possibly could //shot// Buuut, at least I didn't make you wait like...40 something chapters again, that would've been cruel :'DD

Lol. Reita is sort of...perfect :'DD Not so bad for being a first time boyfriend, huh? :p

Freakin Kai...I don't even know what he is because he isn't human lol. I have sooo much fun writing him because no matter what I say, nothing can seem too strange because...it's Kai :p

Kai tells Reita not to call him any nicknames but you know it's going probs going to happen and it'll be something cute as hell...now I just have to think something up :3

I'm glad you enjoyed the smut because...that was one of the things I was sososo concerned about. Smut. is. hard. And usually once I get to writing smut, it's all been based off of angst...but with this story is has all pretty much been happy go lucky, so I hadn't a clue how to write it and I still believe I flubbed it up pretty badly =/ BUT you enjoyed it and that's all that matters :p

Omg Uruha is my second favorite character to write because his only concerns are making sure his family gets everything they want and that's just presh. Plus, he's whipped by his wife and that's always nice :p


Buuut I will say this...Aoi and Ruki and their relationship is still going to be a main focus of this story, SO KEEP SHIPPING THEM PLEASE :P

Annnd thank you for another amazing comment <33 I'm going to try and pump out the next chapter faster...hopefully :'DD
sarky_chepooka on November 14th, 2014 09:09 pm (UTC)
Aww <3 Trust me when I say that you really don't need to though!

It feels like that long though D: Hahaha so cruel of you, I can't believe you originally meant for it to happen during the FIRST CHAPTER >:D "Nah I'll just let all my readers die from the sexual tension instead", whaaat.

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Man Reita is soo good at being romantic, who the hell would refuse him?! That beach thing surprised me too. Haha.
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Woaaah! THANK YOU SO MUCH <333
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I wiiiish I could update more regularly but my brain is like...bleached or something :'D
AND UNBREAKABLE. I will get to updating that...one day. Just don't think I've completely forgotten about it or anything :'D
Reita is pretty much perfect for being a first time boyfriend, right? :p
Thank you again for always commenting, it means the world to me!
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I'm that anon from tumblr! I'm so glad you're letting me draw something! So excited because there's lot of scenes I want to draw! Thank you so much for this amazing story!
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on November 14th, 2014 06:31 pm (UTC)
Woaah, so glad you saw that little note! Didn't want you to think I was rude and just ignoring you :p But yaaaay~. I do hope you'll let me see the drawing once you're done :33 Thank you for commenting, it means a lot! <33
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Thaaaaank you <333

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Can't wait to see where their relationship goes from here!
Really, GOOD JOB on this chapter!!!

bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on November 19th, 2014 02:59 am (UTC)
I had to kind of make Reita the most perfect boyfriend ever, so sex on the 'beach' was the only way I saw fit :'DD
Thank you so much for commenting, I'll try and update sooner next time! <3
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bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on November 19th, 2014 03:02 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I was afraid my sense of humor (well, I guess technically Kai's :3) would be a bit off putting, but everyone seems to be enjoying it so far :p

I'll try and update soonish....hopefully :p

Thanks again for commenting!
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bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 9th, 2015 08:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, no no! Never would I abandoned this fic. I've just been struggling with writing it lately, that's all. But I promise, it will be updated one day! <333
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bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on November 19th, 2014 03:04 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed everything so much, makes me feel a bit more reassured :33 No need to thank me, I should be thanking you for even taking the time to comment, so, thanks again! <3
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Thats so cute ♡♡♡

venus_doom74venus_doom74 on November 20th, 2014 05:38 am (UTC)
OH MY GOD!!! I am so sorry it took me THIS long to comment, butwork and school have me brain-fried -.-! I am so happy they finally got together! Amd Kai is such a feisty little one! So cute and fiery; Reita's got his hands full with him LMAO!

Sam, word of advice; you should really stop putting yourself down on your writing skills, girl. You are creative in your own way and you have lots of talent; your fics always flow so well, hun. You need to give yourself props for a job well done instead of saying how bad you did! You're awesome :D
(Anonymous) on November 24th, 2014 12:39 am (UTC)
hey, dear! ♡
First of all, I wanted to thank you for informing me again, on twitter (Blasphem.) that you've updated.

finally, I took time off to sit my lazy ass down and leave a comment. ultimately, it's been a while ago, since you've uploaded the 6th chapter. I'm sorry! :(

I don't have much to say, because it was perfect!!! ♡ I waited so long for this!! lD And was so happy with it. I really enjoyed it and can't understand why you're not so comfortable with this chapter :D I think you did a great job!

Furthermore, I love it how the whole relationship develops between them. It's not too fast... The 'coming together'. I like it.

Especially Kai's character is always cheering me up.

Keep it up! :) And please let us know soon what's that with NiYa!

satanicangel1: pic#125210237satanicangel1 on February 25th, 2017 10:23 pm (UTC)
Hello, I discovered your fic a while back and have been slowly reading it in between work and school. You are a very good writer, and I love this fic, especially this chapter. I am happy you decided to keep it instead of scraping it.

I love how you let Reita and Kai take time to cultivate their relationship and take things naturally instead of just rushing it. It feels more like a real relationship to me... :) I feel so bad for Kai though he is so hurt, I hope Reita will be the one to bring him out of it.

It is so sweet of Aoi to leave boxes of supplies for Kai and take care of him anyway he can.

So Reita finds out who Aoi's mystery man is... Hitsugi and Aoi are an item So Hot. I love it!! But I do feel bad for him since Aoi will always love Ruki...Can Hitsugi accept that Aoi's heart belongs to another or does Aoi love both men??

Speaking of Ruki, I have a feeling he is in love with Reita and that is why he can't be with Aoi, but he knows Ni~ya? Is that why he can't be with Aoi because of Ni~ya? I will have to read on to figure out this mystery. I am dying to know who he brought the flowers for!

Anyway, I can empathise with Uruha, I am terrible at remembering holidays and getting presents, it SUCKS!! I laughed when he told Reita he was fired, it was so funny. :)