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23 January 2015 @ 01:08 am
Unraveling Deceptions - Chapter Three  
Title: Unraveling Deceptions
Chapter: 03/??
Author: bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Action Adventure, Angst, Romance
Warnings: inappropriate language, slight mentions of blood and guns
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Aoi & ?, Kai & ?, Reita & Kai (Pairings to be revealed as fic goes on)
Summary: There was only one rule to follow and he had just broken it.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

Previous Chapter(s): (Prologue)(Chapter One)(Chapter Two)

Chapter Three

Kai awoke with a gasp.

After leaving Tora’s office, he had reported back to his shared room, crawling right into bed and passing out almost immediately. He knew Ruki had been excited to ask him questions about his brother’s replacement, but all Kai had been able to mutter was ‘he seems like a prick’ before complete exhaustion had taken over and carried him into a deep slumber.

It didn’t come as any surprise to him that, although he slept hard, he still felt completely restless. His body was on fire as he shot up in bed, panting and sweating, trying to catch his breath – his head, of course, throbbing. Running his hands through his long, tangled hair, the tips of his fingers ran over the rigged scar decorating his scalp, the mark a permanent reminder of the day he lost everything he had left in this world.

He pressed his thumbs into the center of the thick disfigurement, trying to ward off the images that attacked his mind even whilst conscious. But today, more than any other day, the dreaded scenes were harder to ignore, everything feeling more real – more permanent, after his brief meeting with his new soon-to-be partner earlier in the day.

“Kai, it’s already four o’clock. Shouldn’t you be getting up and getting in some quality time with your new ‘prick’?”

Kai looked up, spying Ruki standing in front of him, recently showered and dressed in a large black sweater and tight jeans – his glasses still steamed over from the humidity the bathroom produced and blond hair draping shaggily over ocean blue’s.

Pressing the palms of his hands into his eyes, Kai threw his legs over his bed and slid on some house shoes, heading right for the closet to pick out some new clothes – these ones now covered in a light layer of sweat making Kai feel more than grimy.

“I’m going, just wanted to get in some more sleep before I had to put up with him.” Kai yawned through his explanation, trying to find some of his clothes in the closet that was mostly Ruki’s.

So much for splitting the space evenly.

Ruki clicked his tongue, going right back for his computer, and Kai could tell by the dramatic sigh and loud crack of knuckles Ruki produced that he was nowhere near close to finishing decrypting those files from earlier.

He knew the shower Ruki had just taken would be his last break until he actually finished. Ruki wasn’t the kind of guy to leave work unfinished.

“Anyways, after I’m done at Agent Shiroyama’s-”

“Shiroyama, ehh? He’s pretty well talked about in the techie break room.”

Kai paused in his walk to the bathroom, clenching his clothes to his chest, “What? People know of this guy? What do they say?”

Ruki lifted both his shoulders, making a disinterested noise. “Just that…he has a pretty heavy track record, that’s all. And that he’s Kyo’s ultimate favorite. Now I’m really surprised he let him go.”

“Why do you think he let-”

“Don’t know, don’t really care. Maybe that’s a question you should ask him. Now, let me guess. After you’re done at Agent Shiroyama’s...you’ll be heading to the boss’s office, correct?”

Kai didn’t even need to be facing Ruki to see the grin on his lips.

He cleared his throat, “Well, yes, I’ll be heading there as well. Tora wants to discuss some things with me before I’m officially reinstated into active field duty-”

Ruki snorted, “Yeah, I’m sure that’s all he wants to do.”

Kai had to take another deep breath, resisting the urge to punch Ruki right then and there. He turned into such a know it all little shit whenever he was in work mode and, as much as Kai loved Ruki like a younger brother, it was damn near impossible to tolerate him during such times.

“Yes, Ruki, that is all he wants to do. Now, if you’re done being a smart ass, you’ll let me get back to what I was originally going to say.”

“Which is?”

“What do you want from the cafeteria? I know your scrawny ass isn’t going to get up and grab a bite any time soon, so I’ll just bring something back for you.”

Ruki waved a nonchalant hand, “Just whatever is fine with me. It all taste like shit anyways.”

Kai rolled his eyes – he should’ve expected such an answer.

Once his shower was underway, Kai was back out in the compound hallways, having to resist the urge to climb into the elevator and make his way up to the medical wing. Every day for the past three months, that’s where every hour, every minute, every second of his free time has been spent and, given the fact that he was off active duty, free time was all he had.

Sure, he should’ve continued his time at the compound’s gym, should’ve kept in shape and up to par with Tora’s standards of a ‘perfect agent’. Then again, Reita should be joining him in his work out regiments and going out on missions with him and dragging him out of his room at night for a quick fuck in the south wing’s library. But none of that was going to be happening any time soon, possibly never even again, so Kai just didn’t see the point.

Pushing himself to avoid the elevator shafts, Kai walked right past them and through the tall glass doors, stepping out onto a little patch of sidewalk that was lined on both sides by unbelievably green grass. He breathed in the hot, moist air of the late afternoon and began treading down the strip of solid cement, making his way to the only solitary building on the compound.

Tora referred to this building as the ‘Isolation Chambers’, but everybody on the compound knew it was where their boss stored all the newbie recruits until they proved their loyalty. Kai had only stayed in those chambers for three months upon his arrival, but that’s because he knew he was one of the lucky ones.

He hadn’t been instated as an agent right away. Instead, just as Ruki is, Kai was a techie. But he hadn’t been just any techie. He had practically been Tora’s right hand man, working side by side with the tall man, helping him hack into the Tokyo Bureau’s police records.

Kai wasn’t sure why Tora had needed those records, but again, he never asked.

Coming to the end of the side walk, Kai looked up at the building, taking one more deep breath. Tora and Ruki were the only two people he has truly communicated with these last 90 days, so stepping into this building, having to try and bond with somebody he saw as nothing but insulting. It was already taking a toll on him and he hadn’t even made it to Shiroyama’s room yet.

Entering the hall, he was met with steel doors, having to walk up to an electric lock that would scan his thumb and allow him access to the guards’ station. Once that process was taken care of, he asked the guard sitting in a swivel chair behind the large desk for Agent Shiroyama’s room number, the kid spluttering off 1302. He couldn’t have been more than twenty.

There were four floors to the building and Kai was grateful Aoi’s was on the bottom half. He’s ridden in an elevator more than enough times these past few months and, frankly, he was getting sick of it.

All of the rooms in the Isolation Chambers were watched over by security cameras, so Kai found the name of the building to be nothing but ironic given the fact that, although you were put into a small room with only a futon, a small television, a toilet off to the side, and a mini kitchenette that included a fridge, a sink, and a counter space so small it couldn’t even hold a pizza box, you were never actually isolated. Because at all times, somebody was watching you. Guards took morning, afternoon, and night shifts. Twenty four hours a day, this building was patrolled and, if you lived here, there was absolutely no getting out without Tora’s permission.

But then again, that final rule applied to the entire compound.

Stopping in front of the name plate which read Shiroyama - 1302, Kai let out another deep sigh while raising his fist and knocking.

His new partner opened the door seconds later and looked just as he did a few hours ago when Kai first saw him; a cigarette dangling between his metal laced lips. This time, however, it was lit.

“Already stalking my place of residence, string bean?”

Kai’s face instantly morphed into a scowl, using his hand to fan away the smoke Aoi had just intentionally blown into his face. “I don’t know what your problem is with me when we hardly know each other, but I’d really appreciate it if you could stop with the nickname and spend at least half an hour speaking with me so Tora doesn’t have our heads. I don’t want this partnership any more than you do, but oh well, we’re stuck with each other for now.”

Aoi rolled his shoulders and neck, acting as if he was prepared to stand in this door way for hours and argue back and forth with Kai. “You really wanna know my problem, string bean?”

Kai could barely register Aoi’s question, his eyes too busy scanning up and down the other agent’s shirtless body from head to toe, taking in the various scars and bruises decorating his torso and the extensive marks trimming the sides of his neck – something that had been hidden earlier by loose strands of dark hair.

“It’s you. Look at you. You’re weak, pathetic. You’re going to get me killed. Nobody at this compound can compare to the real agents the Tokyo division has to offer. I don’t belong here.”

He was knocked from his intense observation upon finally taking in Aoi’s words, a fire igniting within. Not because he found the arrogant man’s statement to be harmful or true, but because he actually agreed with him.

Kai wasn’t weak or pathetic, he had proven on more than enough missions that he could hold his own. However, he did agree with the fact that Aoi didn’t belong here. In Kai’s eyes, he was an unnecessary replacement – Reita would wake up.

“Obviously you do belong here if Kyo himself sent you here. You must’ve fucked up royally if he sent you here to be with all us fake agents.”

For a split second, Aoi’s expression morphed into anger, his fists clenching at his side and brows furrowed. However, just as quickly as the vexation appeared, it was just as quickly gone, being replaced by that same smug smirk which Kai was rapidly learning was his trade mark asshole feature.

“You really have no idea what goes on down at the Tokyo compound, do you? Hell, you probably don’t even have a goddamn clue what goes on here, am I right?”

That smug expression changed again, Aoi looking now nothing but curious as he unknowingly began to fiddle with the filter of his cigarette.

Sick of the smoke floating all around him and Aoi’s constant mood swings, Kai pushed past the irritable agent, making himself comfortable in Aoi’s temporary home by plopping down on the ratted futon and kicking off his shoes.

He heard Aoi mutter a sarcastic ‘Yeah, come right on in, string bean’ as he slammed the door and turned to face him, the pair now finally alone as they were going to get while on compound.

Kai sighed, resting his head against the off-white yellow wall behind him, “All I know about the Tokyo compound is Kyo runs it under complete anarchy. He doesn’t care what agents do while out on missions, as long as they complete the mission successfully. It’s a complete 180 as to how things run around here.”

“Hmm,” the other agent hummed, sitting on the small floor space across from Kai, having at some point stubbed out his cigarette – it now only a flaky object for him to play around with, keeping his hands occupied. “Your lack of knowledge concerns me. Are you sure you’re actually a capable agent?”

Kai narrowed his eyes, clenching onto the fabric of his jeans so tight his knuckles began to turn white. He wasn’t going to fall for this asshole’s tricks, he wasn’t going to be the one to fuck up this partnership before it truly even began and risk the chances of falling under Tora’s wrath.

Because no matter how much Tora favored him, when it came down to punishment, Tora never messed around. It didn’t matter who you were. Breaking the rules here amounted to breaking the law out in the real world – except here on the compound, it wasn’t just some cuffs slapped onto your wrists and a few months behind bars. It was far worse. And although Kai’s never had to personally experience that punishment, he’s heard stories, and those stories were more than enough to shape him into trying his best to be the perfect agent.

“I don’t know what one of Kyo’s former men would recognize as being a capable agent, but if you must, get granted permission from boss to leave the chambers and make your way up to the techie wing. They should have my kill record on file. And if that’s not enough for you, don’t worry. In a few days, Tora will have us in a practice room doing some one on one combat. When I have your ass pinned down to the floor in five seconds flat, I do believe that will justify my capability.”

After a long pause of silence and looking directly into one another’s eyes, Kai was surprised that Aoi’s lips turned up at the corners and into a full on grin. “Wow, for being such a string bean, you sure are a cocky son of a bitch, huh?”

Kai scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and turning his head to the side, no longer wanting to face such an arrogant man. “Says you, mister high and mighty.”

“Mister high and mighty also says our half an hour is up-”

“But it’s seriously only been ten minutes.”

“Really, that’s it? Time must pass by reeeal slow when talking to someone as boring as you.” That cockiness was back, Aoi reaching into his pants pocket to pull out a packet of cigarettes, “So yeah, vamanos, el-string-beano. I’m tired of your not so pretty face already. Just tell that boss man of yours you were in here for a good few minutes. I have a sneaking suspicion that he’ll somehow believe you.”

Kai’s fists were turning white again. There was no way in hell he was going to be able to put up with this cocky son of a bitch.

Somebody was definitely accidentally getting shot, and Kai was determined to make sure it wasn’t him.


Author's Note: Guys, I have family down and they're exhausting, so sorry for the delay! Not just in posting but in everything else like emails and just...socializing in general. People exhaust me, okay? :3

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the chapter, even if it is a slower one! Next chapter is the last one I have written in advance, soooo....I really need to get to writing but, meeeeh...I'm lazy :p Buuut, next chapter is a moment I've been waiting for and I'm super excited about it, okay?? :33

Alright, that's it! Comments are <3
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bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 24th, 2015 01:52 am (UTC)
It's probably not going to be another week, I still plan on posting on Wednesday :33

Thanks for commenting <33
Karytakyoselflove on January 23rd, 2015 02:54 pm (UTC)
Is Aoi just making his attitude all an act because he lost Uruha? Or is he really that much of a know it all? Lol. Either way, I love it already how Aoi and Kai interact lol, oh the tension.

Sooooo, Tora wants some of that Kai, hm? I mean can't say I blame him xD

And did I tell you that Ruki is awesome? Lol.

Still very intrigued by all this and will patiently wait for more :D Try not to become to exhausted!


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random_x13random_x13 on January 23rd, 2015 10:34 pm (UTC)
Wow ok as much as I love Aoi.... this one has me wanting to jump into my computer and fucking strangle him!!!
Poor Kai having to deal with that too. UGH.
Ruki stop being a little bitch. XD
Waaaaaaaa good luck with the relatives and people-ing. I will wait patiently [ALSKJDFOA;LIJ;LAKJDF] for the next chapter!

gAbbYgabbyrockzz on January 24th, 2015 08:24 am (UTC)
LOL at Aoi speaking Spanish XD Ahaha
D'aww Reita ;n; wake up for Kai please! I'm kinda shocked that Kai will be paired with someone else :"O
Anyway, I'm really liking this story~ ^_^
~Heather~leifang666 on January 24th, 2015 12:00 pm (UTC)
So many questions. So eagerly waiting impatiently for the next chapter. XD
venus_doom74venus_doom74 on January 25th, 2015 01:13 am (UTC)
Aoi, that cocky son of a bitch, man! Had I been Kai, I would have decked him across the face and let him know who's boss and let him know that "string bean" isn't all that funny of a nickname. Kai will come out the dominant one in this I hope.

Good luck with the family reunion :)