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13 January 2015 @ 09:16 pm
Unraveling Deceptions - Chapter Two  
Title: Unraveling Deceptions
Chapter: 02/??
Author: bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Action Adventure, Angst, Romance
Warnings: inappropriate language, slight mentions of blood and guns
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Aoi & ?, Kai & ?(Pairings to be revealed as fic goes on)
Summary: There was only one rule to follow and he had just broken it.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, only the mediocre story line.

Previous Chapter(s): (Prologue)(Chapter One)

Chapter Two

The sun was shining bright through the blinds on the window when Kai awoke, making him groan and hide his head under his pillow. It was mid-summer and it was the hottest heat wave they’d experienced in years, yet Ruki still always had to have the windows open, claiming that since he was forced to sit at a computer for hours straight, this was the closest thing to fresh air he could get.

Even through the plush cotton of his pillow he could hear Ruki on his side of the room, typing away at his laptop. Seven years of bunking with the petite techie and Kai still couldn’t believe the speed at which he typed. It sounded as if all he was doing was smashing a bunch of random keys together and making a ruckus, but Kai has hovered above and watched as Ruki decoded folders worth of files at a time, so he knew that wasn’t the case at all. Ruki was just talented – fast and talented, that is. And it was that exact reason he was recruited when he was merely fourteen years old.

“Ru, please. I’d just like to grab an extra hour of sleep.”

A sudden pause to the keyboard smashing, Ruki’s voice monotone; emotionless – meaning he was obviously in work mode and not the concerned friend from last night. “You’ve had three months to sleep in, get up. Besides, if you’re stopping by to visit bro today, I suggest you get him some flowers or something.”

Kai’s features set into a scowl, slowly lifting his head from under the pillow, “But Reita hates flowers…”

“Exactly. Maybe if there’s something in the room he hates a fuck ton, he’ll wake up so he can get rid of it. Obviously the things he loves being there aren’t helping him wake up, so maybe we can try the opposite.”

“Y’know…for being like a mastermind genius, you sure do come up with some shitty solutions.”

Ruki shrugged. “And for loving Reita so much, you sure do spend a lot of time arguing with me instead of visiting him. Now, shoo. I have work to do.”

Kai wasn’t even going to try and waste his breath arguing with Ruki when he was in the work zone, so he just got up out of bed and headed for their shared closet, throwing on a pair of loose jeans, a black tank top, and a pair of worn and scuffed up boots, before heading out.

Agents, guards, assistants, and staff alike nodded their heads in silent greetings as Kai strolled through the compound, making his way to the medical wing. His face has become a rather familiar one to those who worked morning shifts over the past few months and he’s learned that the less talking you did, the less of a hassle one faced. So he just nodded in response and then continued in his walk to the med wing with his head hung low and his hands shoved in his jean pockets.

Kai was considered to be relatively new to this particular ‘family’, even with seven plus years underway. It’s not that he really considered anybody here family – hell, he barely even knew any of them, just some names and faces, but these were the people he was going to be stuck with until his dying day. Besides, his boss liked to think of them as all being one big unit, and whether you hated or loved somebody, that’s exactly what a family was.

It’s been seven years and three months since Kai was transferred to this compound, and he has to admit, he still didn’t understand exactly what he did for a living. Before his transfer, he was the head detective at the Tokyo Bureau, and one day his past boss called him into his office, telling Kai he was being offered a once in a life time opportunity – the biggest of the big promotions. And with the staggering economy, Kai hadn’t been able to reject the offer.

Within two weeks of accepting, he was packing up his desk at the bureau and taking a train up to Osaka where, without explanation, he arrived outside of a large facility where he was thrown into four months of vigorous training. There were two groups of twenty when Kai first arrived and by the end of the four months, out of the forty total, only ten had been left.

To this day, Kai still doesn’t know what happened to them. He doesn’t know whether they had just left because they couldn’t handle it, doesn’t know whether the life threatening training had done them in and they’d just collapsed to their death on the spot or, worst of all, he doesn’t know if the people in charge of the training had picked out those they declared weak and offed them, leaving only the strongest. Kai doesn’t know and, in all honesty, he doesn’t want to know. However, after his time here on the compound, it’s safe to say the third and final speculation seemed to be the most likely – a thought that made his entire body tense and his mind go blank.

After the quarter of a year of training, those who were left were handcuffed and blindfolded, only to be shoved onto what Kai had deciphered as a bus at the time. They were driven hours out of the way, Kai confused, lost, and panic driven. Others on the bus called out, hoping for some sort of explanation, but there was never one. Just pleads of ‘What’s going on?’ ‘Where are you taking us?’ ‘Are we going to die?’.

Kai never once opened his mouth, though, tracking how many miles they were traveling by keeping a silent count in his head. 102. That’s how many miles the bus had taken them before they came to a stop. They were unloaded from the bus and their blindfolds were ripped off, revealing endless aisles of trees and greenery, civilization seemingly nowhere in sight. Again, no explanation was given and the bus pulled away, leaving the guards and those who’d put them through their months of training out in the woods, all alone.


That was the only demand they’d been given, Kai and the other nine trainees getting a rifle shoved in their back so they had no choice but to do as instructed.

They’d started walking when the sun was high in the sky and arrived outside a pure white building when it was pitch black out. No signs, no lettering on the walls, not even an address. There was no indication as to what this building was, but all of the trainees were smart enough not to question.

For a week, they were shoved down stairs into cellars, provided with food and water and allowed to go the restroom once a day. At the end of that week, only six of the ten were left, and that’s when a tall man dressed to the nines in a suit and tie came down and congratulated them.

“Hello, my name is Tora. You six have proven the best of the best and, congratulations, you now work for me. The guards will take you up to your rooms in a few minutes where you’ll be given a proper meal and some clean clothing to bathe. Tomorrow you’ll attend an assembly where a brief explanation of your new job will be given, and then the day after that, you’ll be thrown into more training. Any questions?”

Kai had assumed they would all be smart enough not to ask questions, just as before. But apparently he’d been wrong, for the guy next to him had raised a shaky hand, voicing softly, “S-sir…what’s going on? W-why us?”

Before he could even ever bring himself to look Tora in the eye, one of the guards had raised their gun and shot him square in the middle of the forehead, his heavy body falling onto Kai and sending his crashing to the cement floor.

A Cheshire smile had crossed Tora’s lips, looking over the remaining members condescendingly. “Now, anyone else foolish enough to ask questions?”


“Good. I’m happy to see I’ve been sent smart new recruits for my unit.”

That had been the end of that. Tora spoke no more. He just turned on his heels and headed back upstairs, leaving the recruits to be escorted to their new homes.

The assembly came the next day and that had only left Kai even more confused. There was a short presentation by someone who referred to themselves as Agent Natsu, and Tora hadn’t been anywhere near close to exaggerating when he said they’d be given a ‘brief description’ of their new line of work. Because simply they were told just this: You’ll be sent out on assignments – missions to be exact, and you are to do whatever instructed, there being no exception to the rules. There was no questioning what you were assigned to do, it was more or less of kill or be killed.

They weren’t informed as to why they went out on these missions, they didn’t know if they were helping a cause or if they’d been turned into cold blooded criminals. All they knew was do as instructed or suffer the severe ramifications.

And in his seven years here at the compound, Kai hadn’t once not followed through on orders, something that was slowly making him despise himself.

The distinct dinging of an arriving elevator tore Kai from his thoughts. He looked up just long enough to take note that the elevator cart was empty due to the early hour and stepped in, pressing the number five and enjoying his silent ride up to the highest level floor.

The medical wing was just as white as the rest of the building, the nurses, doctors, and guards who worked on this floor nearly blending into the walls due to their required attire. Again, Kai was met with quiet nods which he just as quietly returned, continuing in his walk down the long strip of hall and into room 518.

It came as no surprise to him that the blinds were closed, the room was completely dark, the staff treating Reita as if he were already dead. The only factors that allowed Kai to know there was even a being in the room were the incessant beeps of all the monitors and the patch of bleach blond hair poking out at the head of the bed.

Taking the last few steps, Kai sat on the stool near the bed, not even hesitating to grab Reita’s hand and place a loving peck to knuckles that seemed to be forever bruised.

“Hey, Rei…how’re you doing this morning?” Of course there was no reply. There was never a reply. But Kai had to force himself not to let that bring him down today. “Well, you’ve probably heard all about this by now but…they’re assigning me a new partner today. I tried convincing Tora to maybe just wait a little longer because I know you’re going to wake up one day, but you know Tora. Impatient and stubborn as hell.”

It was true. Kai was positive Tora would’ve assigned him a new partner the day of Kai being released from the medical wing when he had found out just how critical Reita’s condition had been. But luckily for Kai, he had sustained some pretty serious injuries himself, resulting in his doctor putting him on leave until she decided he could return to full active duty.

He pressed his lips to Reita’s knuckles once again, “So just hurry up and wake up, dick head. I don’t want to have to be stuck with some stranger of an asshole for too long, I’ve already gotten used to you.”

Used to his scent, his smile, his voice. Used to those arms around his waist and those lips pressed against his own. He knew Reita inside and out – the blond has been his only constant in life the last four years he’s been on this compound and now that he’s been unable to have even the simplest of conversations with Reita these past months, Kai feels himself slowly dwindling. Reita kept him sane, ensured him that the constant blood on his hands didn’t make him an unsalvageable person.

He gave him hope that one day things would change – that life would be normal again and Kai would go back to saving people instead of being the cause of their demise…

For the rest of the time Kai visited with Reita, he simply held his hand and remained sitting in silence; the serene atmosphere broken when a nurse walked in, explaining that it was time to change Reita’s bandages.

He had already been with Reita for a few hours, so when Kai checked his watch and realized it was only half an hour until he was scheduled to meet with Tora, he figured he might as well start heading to his boss’s office now. After all, the compound was nowhere near small and it would take him at least fifteen minutes to reach the far east wing where Tora’s office was located.

When he arrived, he offered Tora’s secretary his trade mark casual nod and then stepped right up to the solid mahogany, knocking twice before hearing a deep voice utter ‘enter’. Pushing the door half way open, he saw that Tora sat at a swivel chair behind his desk, looking up from his laptop screen and offering a toothy grin.

“Ahh, Agent Uke. Come in, take a seat. I have no problem getting introductions done early.”


Kai fully opened the door, now able to spy a man dressed in clothes just as raggedy as his own sitting in the seat across from Tora’s desk. He had long, black hair with streaks of the color of a plum pulled back into a low ponytail and was sporting large sun glasses that hid almost his entire face. The sleeveless shirt he wore showed off the myriad of tattoos scattered from shoulder to wrist on each arm and there were glistening pieces of jewelry decorating his face – a black hoop through the left side of his lip and a shiny, silver stud embedded into his nose. His slouched posture in the chair showed he truly didn’t want to be here and Kai couldn’t really blame him for that, but what really got to Kai was the unlit cigarette dangling between his lips.

This man was meant to be his partner, the guy he would spend hours with outside the compound. The one who he was supposed to get along with and trust to have his back no matter the situation. But that rolled stick of tobacco dangling so causally told Kai that this man was possibly one of the biggest chain smokers to walk the face of the planet, and just for that reason alone, he knew this partnership wouldn’t work.

He couldn’t stand smoking.

Nodding his head, Kai didn’t say a word as he fully entered the room, sitting down in the other seat right next to his new mystery partner and eyeing him out of his side vision. Tora continued to grin, gesturing his hand towards the other man, “Agent Uke, this is Agent Shiroyama-”

“Aoi. AOOOOI.” Kai’s new partner rudely interrupted.

Tora bit his lip, clearly annoyed. “Excuse me. I meant Agent Aoi-”

“No, not Agent, just Aoi.”

Even Kai was starting to get annoyed now.

Okay,” Tora growled, “Kai, this is Aoi. He’s Suzuki’s replacement. Aoi, this is Kai. You guys are going to be working together from here on out, are there any questions?”

Kai shook his head, doing his best to mask the current anger he felt swimming through his system at the word replacement. “No, sir.”

But Aoi apparently had to find some other way to annoy Tora. “Um, yeah. I have a fuck load of questions. Like, how the hell is this string bean supposed to work with me? He’ll be holding me back. Come on, I’m from the Tokyo compound. I’m one of Kyo’s former men. I-”

Tora’s face morphed into a scowl, pointing at Aoi and growling, “That’s the goddamn point, Agent Shiroyama. Former. As in you no longer work for him and you will abide by my rules. Yeah, there’s actually these things called rules here, get used to it. You’re lucky Kyo even let you live after the stunt you pulled.” Tora sat back in his seat, taking in one deep breath and visibly calming down. Kai really couldn’t say the same for Aoi. “Now, a guard will be here in a few minutes to escort you back to your room. You haven’t been here long enough to earn my trust. Agent Uke, you are to finish out your day as usual and report back to my office at promptly 8pm – we have matters to discuss before you’re officially reinstated in active field duty.”

Kai gave another ‘yes, sir’ and Aoi didn’t utter another word, instead insisting on slouching in his seat and sending death glares to Tora until the guard arrived and hauled him away. Once Kai and Tora were alone in the office, they stared at one another with straight faces until Tora’s secretary from the outside interrupted, saying he had a meeting to attend to in twenty minutes about needing to cover one of the European division’s minor slip ups.

Tora cleared his throat, readjusting the tie around his neck, “Well then. I guess you’re dismissed, Agent Uke. Do me a favor and try to drop into Shiroyama’s room later and see if you’ll be able to actually work with him without feeling the constant urge to shoot him in the back of the head.”

Kai actually smiled at that. “I’ll try my best, sir.”

Standing, Kai turned for the door, wanting nothing more than to plop down in his bed and sleep his last day of freedom away. However, before he could even put his hand on the knob, Tora called out to him again, Kai looking over his shoulder and seeing Tora holding a stack of papers and quirking a cheeky brow.

“Just don’t forget; eight o’clock.”

Kai nodded once more and left out the door, his headache from last night coming back at full force.

(Next Chapter)


Author's Note: Posting a day early because things are going to start getting reeeeal busy for me reaaal fast starting tomorrow, but I'm still going to try and stick to this weekly schedule! Just don't be surprised if I disappear from every social networking site there is cause I'm gonna be a big ball of stress :'DD

Anyways, this chapter was a bit longer than usual but, ehhh, I saw no point in cutting it cause it all just went and still reads as being pretty short :p

ALSO! I'd like the dedicate this chapter to the lovely kyoselflove because her birthday was a few days ago and I didn't even get the chance to wish her a happy birthday let alone write her something! So, yeah...hope you had an amazing birthday, girl >:33 (i actly did start you a little diru fic but it got like nowhere so yeah, hopefully I can have that out for you one day :33)

That's it for now! Hope every enjoyed :33 Next chapter (I think) is my favorite I've written so far, sooo I may post it way early :D
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Karyta: Ruki<3kyoselflove on January 14th, 2015 02:51 am (UTC)
Haha, Ruki is so great in this. The best way to get Reita to wake up is giving him things he hates, logic!

Holy shit sexy badass strict asshole Tora. Haha sorry, got a little excited.

Kai and Reita are lovers, or at least I think so. I'm glad that you didn't kill off Reita too! If Reita and Uruha were both dead I would be outta here! (Just kidding xP) Still sad though that he is in a coma.

And Aoi is going to be his new partner! I can see this getting real interesting xD Is Aoi going to swoop Kai away and do naughty things to him? Hehe. Poor Kai though, seems like he is really stressed (obviously, derp) and/or has some kind of condition from his injury maybe, with all those headaches. Maybe Aoi will make him feel better. Or not because Kai is annoyed by him...or maybe. xD I'll just shut up hehe.

Waaaah! You are so sweet <3 My birthday was great ate good food and wrote...lol. Thank you! Aw, you don't have to write me anything ^^; but if you ever do, I will greedily read that up!


Edited at 2015-01-14 02:53 am (UTC)
bite_to_all136: RukiDarkLipsbite_to_all136 on January 14th, 2015 03:53 am (UTC)
Lol, yeeees. Ruki truly does work in brother logic :P

No, no please *do* get excited for Tora >:33 Because I'M excited for Tora and yeah, I can't wait for him to have a bigger role bc :DD Like you said, bad.ass. <3

Yeeees, they're definitely lovers...but things are still pretty damn complicated, soo, yeah...I'm not exactly putting them up there as an official pairing yet :p

Ohhh, how I *wish* Aoi could just swoop Kai up and do the nasty with him buuut...I fear that make take a while (if it happens at all ;D)

>:333 Glad to hear you had a good birthday! Good food and writing, sounds like the perfect day to me :33 Trust me, if I ever do finish it, I'll be sure to post it right away. It's just been a loooong time since I've written Diru so...I'm a bit rusty :p

Thanks again for the lovely comment <3
Karytakyoselflove on January 14th, 2015 04:13 am (UTC)
I love Tora... lol I am excited!

Understandable xD

Yeah I figured that wouldn't really be happening. I'm really curious on who and what will happened with everyone lol.

Thank you! Yeah that is a perfect day xD I didn't know you wrote Diru and also super awesome that you would write them for me (I love them so much ^^:) I'm still in awe <3
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 17th, 2015 11:39 pm (UTC)
Ahh, yes. I wrote Diru when I was...young(er) and...it's bad and shall never see the light of day lol

(but gaaaah I see you're doing all this posting and ;____; I have family down rn so I just have no time to reeead, I'm sorry!)
Karytakyoselflove on January 18th, 2015 03:20 am (UTC)
Yeah I was browsing through jrockyaoi's archive, waaaaaay back in 2005 and found one of my embarrassing fics... lol. I'm just going to pretend it doesn't exist...

(No need to be sorry! xP Have fun with your fam <3)
(Deleted comment)
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 17th, 2015 11:22 pm (UTC)
I'll try and update soon! Thank you!
~Heather~leifang666 on January 14th, 2015 07:42 pm (UTC)
I love this. It's better with every chapter.

For some reason I expected Shinya to be Kai's partner... I have no idea where I got this idea from. Wishful thinking?
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 17th, 2015 11:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!

Lol yes, probably wishful thinking. But, Shinya will be involved later on in the fic, I promise you that!

Thanks so much for commenting <33
random_x13random_x13 on January 14th, 2015 07:59 pm (UTC)
First thought: YAY HE'S NOT DEAD.
Ruki is a little sass ball, isn't he?? Love it! XD
I can totally see Tora being a strict boss man. Guh he is just too sexy, I can't even. o_o But wow what an intro to your new job! "So how was work today?" "Oh you know. Gotta cover someone else's job now because the fool decided to ask questions and got himself shot. What's for dinner?" D:
Of course I'm guessing Reita is going to eventually wake up at a most opportune time. Can't wait for that~
And Aoi.... oohhh boy I'm so excited to see how much of a bitchy diva he's going to be in this! Also I would love for him to get all tatted up. Omg Hot as hell, that man ♥
I shall wait patiently for the next chapter! Don't overwork yourself ne~

bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on January 17th, 2015 11:37 pm (UTC)
Yes, not dead! :D
I think Ruki must always have a little bit of sass, otherwise he's just not Ruki :p
YEEEES, smexy smexy boss man Tora :DD I think the role suits him rather wel and I'm *really* excited about his character >:33
Hmm, maaaaaybe he will...maaaybe he won't....who knows?? ;)
I have a feeling readers will really REEAALLY like Aoi's character...or reeeaally REEEALLY hate him...there's no in between lol. Omg, yeees. Tatted Aoi would be a dream come true ;___; And since it's probably never going to happen in real life...I might as well make it happen here :'D
sarky_chepooka on January 14th, 2015 11:48 pm (UTC)
Sooo this chapter was ridiculously exciting to read and I'm sure you already know exactly why xD
So Tora finally makes his appearance~ And he's the BOSS! *_* Those last few lines make me think him and Kai have a very, very complicated relationship (or will at some point at least).

And Reitaaa D: Okay, the fact that he's in a coma and him and Kai are clearly together (or were, I don't know if you stop being together when one part of the relationship turns into a vegetable) AND we already kinda know that Kai is going to get it on with other people makes me wonder... Is Reita going to DIE or is Kai just like lol whatever doesn't count as cheating when he's in a coma?? And if it's the latter WHAT HAPPENS WHEN/IF REITA WAKES UP??? D:

I foresee a lot of drama in this fic's future :3

Aoi is a douche. I love him <3 (for a moment I thought he was Miyavi though!) But I love Tora even more for putting him in his place >:D

Lastly I just want to say that everything about the setting and the 'company' (?! idk what to call it) is so interesting to read about, and I really like how Kai himself doesn't even really understand everything that's going on. We can be confused together :'D

Wednesday is my new favourite day of the week :P Thank you for sharing another amazing chapter with us, I'm completely hooked! <3
venus_doom74venus_doom74 on January 18th, 2015 06:08 am (UTC)
I can see constant bickering and insults between Kai and Aoi when they start working together; I can also see Kai venting to Ruki 24/7 and to Reita who is in a coma. Wow, I need to see how all this turns out. This will be very interesting LOL! ;)