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04 September 2014 @ 02:49 am
Unseen Solitaire - Chapter 5 (Reita & Kai)  
Title: Unseen Solitaire
Chapter: 5/??
Author: bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Comedy, Angst, Drama
Warnings: mxm relationships, inappropriate language, mental instability
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Reita/Kai, Reita/Ruki, Uruha/OC, Aoi
Summary: Reita is an electrician who lives the life of a bachelor; not caring at all to settle down and put himself in a serious relationship. Will the enigmatic Kai be the one to change his bachelor ways?
Notes:A fill for the 'busted heater in the heart of winter ' square on krasivayadusha's angst/fluff bingo card. :P

Previous Chapters: (Chapter 1)(Chapter 2)(Chapter 3)(Chapter 4)

Chapter 5

Reita was close.

That knowing feeling was building in the pit of his stomach, breaths becoming more erratic. Strings of sweat trailed down his neck, music pounding in his ears setting the rhythm to which his hand was gliding over his erection, bringing pleasure that was sending small whimpers from between sealed lips. Behind closed lids, the image of Kai’s cock was big and bold, Reita having stared at the picture Kai had sent him long enough to be able to envision every curve, every vein. Able to imagine Kai moan as he touched himself; that cock which Reita had fallen in love with over a simple text message alone shooting strands of come all over Kai’s stomach, coating him in his own release.

Dammit,” Reita hissed, rolling onto his side and continuing to stroke. There was no going around it – he was beyond horny. For almost a month now, the only thing he’s had in the form of sexual release was his damn hand and the use of his one track mind. Kai sending him his form of ‘thanks’ had been the end all to Reita’s sanity. Just a few weeks ago he wanted nothing more than to take things slow with Kai, he wasn’t even aware of the direction their relationship was heading. Hell, there’d been a point where he was almost certain he didn’t even want to sleep with Kai, that he just wanted him as a companion, someone to listen to and have fun with that wasn’t Uruha. Someone who had a completely different outlook on life and made him think. But Kai had destroyed all that. From the moment their lips brushed together for the first time, to the moment where Kai literally attacked him in the hallway and gave Reita one of the most rousing kisses of his life, something had changed - a change that became permanently cemented the moment Reita found himself constantly digging through the files of his cell and jacking off to the only picture he now deemed important.

He was beginning to believe that every life force on this planet was against his and Kai’s relationship progressing to the next level, because any time articles of clothing came anywhere close to starting to get removed, some form of interruption had decided to take place, making the pair regretfully pull away from their heated exchange. It was small things, like one of Kai’s students calling up for their verbal exam, or even Uruha texting Reita in the state of a frantic mess because of something either Tae or Tai had done. In was simply real life getting in the way of their gratification, and Reita was about ready to combust.

This was the first time since his teen years he’d gone without having sex for longer than a week, and as he laid on his back and continued to stroke himself, all he could think of was Kai. Think of his face, imagine his body and what he had to offer. How much he wanted to push Kai down onto his futon and fuck him from sunset to sunup. He’d become nearly obsessed with lacing his fingers through that shaggy hair, kissing Kai and hearing him whimper into his mouth, feeling Kai fight back and trying to take control of the kiss. After seven years with only Ruki, of having someone who would submit to any and every thing Reita had to say, he was beyond thrilled when he’d found out just how feisty Kai truly was.

For every nip Reita gave, Kai would nip back with just as much force. He was bold with his hand movements, even being the one to advance their heated make out sessions into something more with some heavy above the surface petting. Reita could still feel the excitement that rushed through him the first time Kai had ever pressed down upon his straining cock and it was euphoric. He’d handled him roughly, massaging him through his thick jean material, and if Kai hadn’t been suddenly sidetracked with the need to water his bamboo at exactly the same time every Saturday afternoon, Reita’s sure he would have brought him to come in his pants like some inexperienced teen.

Fu-ck,” just the thought of Kai touching him had Reita heating up even more, stomach beginning to clench, and when he turned back onto his side to finish himself off, his eyes shot open right away upon catching the shadow of a familiar figure standing in his doorway with a vindictive grin. “Ruki, what the fuck!” Reita shot up in bed, yanking the headphones from out of his ears and catching the end of Ruki’s dark chuckle. The sweat pants he’d slipped down to his thighs were instantly pulled back up, a small, but very noticeable, whimper falling from his lips as the soft material brushed over his weeping erection.

He was panting, sweat beginning to dry against his skin and cheeks a raging pink. And as he glared at Ruki beginning to walk into his bed room, Reita couldn’t help but feel a small bit of relief, thankful that in the weeks following their ‘break up’, the cocky smile that had once been permanently etched onto Ruki’s features was slowly beginning to make its return.

“You’re so pathetic, Rei. I almost feel bad for you.” The auburn fashion journalist sat right by Reita’s side, patting his thigh sympathetically for just seconds, before both of his petite hands were wrapped back around the coffee mug he was cautiously blowing on, taking gradual sips with just as much precise caution. “You must really like this Kai guy if you’re not pounding on his front door every time you get hard. What, trying to show him you have some resistance?” Ruki chuckled at what he considered a joke, cheeky smile curling on his lips as he took another sip of the bitter liquid.

Reita glared at him, resisting the urge to purposefully bump into the journalist and spill that coffee all over his thighs. His erection was still heavy between his legs and he wanted nothing more than to excuse himself so he could go finish what he started. But still getting used to having a rather cheerful Ruki around him, he instead grabbed for a pillow and held it across his lap, knowing that a good bickering match would help keep the remainder of Ruki’s night bright.

However, before he could even conjure up a witty come back, Ruki continued, eyes averting to Reita’s crotch and talking in a cutesy baby voice, “Does Reita’s ‘Rei-chan’ need some more attention? Is Kai’s cock not as enormous as he was making it out to be?” Ruki chuckled again, this time petting the pillow Reita had just lain across his lap, the small bouts of friction the caress enabled making Reita hiss through clenched teeth.

Ru, what’re you doing here so late?” As much as he just got done telling himself he wanted to, Reita wasn’t up for a playful fight right now. His erection was refusing to die down and Ruki mentioning ‘Kai’ and ‘cock’ in the same sentence wasn’t doing anything to help his current frenzied state.

Ruki shrugged his shoulders, placing his cup on the wide bed post, looking back Reita’s way with a bemused expression. “I was in the mood for some of your shitty coffee. Can’t quite seem to find its burnt flavor anywhere else in this goddamn town.”


“Relax,” Ruki raised both hands, a signal he was giving up, being completely serious. “I was just bored and felt like doing something tonight. Want to go out?”

The blond eyed Ruki for a moment, taking in his full expression and spying the sincerity. For weeks, Reita had felt that with the severed ties of their friends with benefit relationship, he had actually lost Ruki as a friend; breaking the companion agreement they’d made during their emotional departure. He hadn’t seen Ruki for two weeks after they’d officially decided to end their seven year tryst, but when Reita had randomly decided to pop into Lotus one night, sure enough there Ruki was, seated at the end of the bar and slowly nursing whatever concoction Aoi had decided to offer up free of charge to the fashion journalist that night. And when Reita decided to take a seat next to Ruki, it was as if nothing had truly changed. They sat there, they chatted, and occasionally Aoi would drop in his opinion on their current topic. They’d joked and laughed and after a few drinks and a late hour, it was decided it was time for them to head home. But that’s where things had changed. Instead of stumbling into Reita’s apartment together, they’d gone to their own separate homes, and for once Reita had felt a sense of normalcy he never thought possible.

He’d gone out. He'd had a good time. And instead of sex, the night had ended with a sweet text message from Kai, asking Reita if he would be coming over the following day.

It was a nice feeling. A feeling that Reita wanted to keep; a life of balance between friends and a current budding relationship. So offering a small half grin, he ruffled Ruki’s perfectly styled hair. “Sure, Ru. Going out sounds nice. Just let me go change.” He laughed as Ruki swatted at his hands, and just as Reita thought he was getting away Scott free, he lifted the pillow from across his lap, hissing again as the movement caused scratchy material to skid across his still half hard erection. His reaction, of course, grabbed Ruki’s attention, and when he saw the fashion journalist’s eyes widen upon scanning across his lower half, Reita knew he was fucked.

"Damn, Rei. You’re still hard?” Ruki was in complete disbelief and Reita understood exactly why. Seven years of drunken intimacy between them, Ruki knew Reita. He knew how long he lasted when he was sober compared to drunk, knew what got him off the quickest and how when he was feeling like shit he liked to take things slow. That said, Ruki also knew that when deprived of physical activities for too long, Reita would get hard and stay hard from the slightest of touches, and Reita knew as soon as he saw that look of mischief cross Ruki’s face, he wasn’t leaving the room un-tormented. “You and your new boy toy fighting and on a screw ban or something?” The moment after that sentence left Ruki’s mouth, Reita felt a palm press against his cock, tearing a near scream from him as he fell back on the mattress.

He was so sensitive at the moment, Ruki’s fingers just brushing against him made him squirm with violence. A reply couldn’t be formed, and Ruki continued to hover above Reita, sending his body thrashing with light movements, that teasing grin still on his lips. It was all a game to him, Reita knew this. And the only way Ruki’s games ever ended is when he came out the victor. So through clenched teeth, Reita muttered, “N…not screwing him…ughh.”

Ruki’s response was to curl his fingers around the blond’s cock, squeezing tight. “Wait…what? Not screwing? So you’re like…seeing him...but not fucking him?”


The blond’s plead only made Ruki squeeze tighter, beginning to work Reita up even more. “Reita, you’ve fucked me countless times, I’ve given you head even more than that, so me standing here holding your dick captive is something I’m able to do all night without being affected. Get to talking, now.”

Although said with a smile, Ruki’s words sounded more threatening than anything, the kneading beginning to drive Reita absolutely fucking crazy. He couldn’t handle it anymore, so without shame, he quickly forfeited the game, giving Ruki the information he desired. “N-not dating…not fucking…I don’t know what we are.”

Which was true. Because even if Kai had kissed Reita breathless practically every day of the past month, even if their touches had gone beyond innocent, they still weren’t officially anything. Ever since their shared night of comfort, ever since Reita had spoken to Aoi and found out some of the smaller details of Kai’s backstory, they hadn’t spoken about a single thing. Their get togethers had been nothing but physical, Kai’s usual chatter box ways muted by Reita’s own pair of lips. They’d sit down and watch a movie, or even just chat try and have a small lunch together to try and get to know each other a bit better. But the sexual tension between them was forever sky high, Reita pinning Kai to the couch or against the wall and devouring his mouth before an hour was even up.

Questions Reita had been so ready to get the answers to were pushed away for now. Questions like what went down between Kai and his ex, Ni~ya? What happened between them that instilled a fear in Kai that’s prevented him from leaving the house for the past six years? Reita wanted to get to know Kai as a whole, but until they could finally break that thin barrier and be completely intimate with one another, their raging lust was going to continue getting in the way.

Ruki’s hum broke Reita’s train of thought, bringing him back to his current moment of agony. The pressure of Ruki’s hand increasing on his erection now near painful, causing him to moan. “So basically, you actually like him but are being too big of a pussy to actually ask him out?”

Reita was silent for a moment, brain barley able to register Ruki’s question due to his current desperate state, but then Ruki just squeezed harder and his expression turned demanding, leaving Reita with no choice but to mutter a quiet. “Yes.”

A condescending laugh echoed through the room and Reita was dealt with sudden fractional relief as he finally felt Ruki’s hand lift off him. When he opened his eyes fully, Ruki’s smiling face was hovering above him, two swift pats to his cheek making Reita flinch. “You’re so sad.” Another laugh, another pat, “Now go get decent. You owe me drinks tonight for making me touch that thing you call a penis.”

Standing from the bed, Ruki swept his hands together and scrunched his face in disgust, acting as if Reita’s dick had been the most grotesque object he’d been presented with. A few mumbled words of ‘I can’t believe I used to willingly touch that thing’ stumbled from his mouth and then he was exiting the room, leaving Reita to rush into the bathroom and finally finish himself off.

With a short shower and a quick change of clothes, Reita wandered into his lounge room, finding Ruki on the couch, cell phone planted in his face and fingers scurrying across the screen. Reita cleared his throat, catching the auburn’s attention and pointing his thumb towards the door, indicating he was ready to go. In turn, Ruki jumped up from the couch, saying Aoi would have their drinks all ready to go at Lotus.

It was a short ride to their frequented bar, filled with almost resolute silence the entire duration. The only sounds being Ruki flicking through the radio stations and complaining to Reita that he needed to start carrying CDs in his truck since all the stations seemed to like to play the same repetitive shit. As annoyed as Reita had been earlier in the evening, he now found himself to be the utmost calm, Ruki’s invitation to go out for the evening a very much welcomed distraction.

Today was Reita’s day off and he’d originally planned on spending it at Kai’s house, but just this morning Kai had texted, telling him not to come over because he’d fallen behind on grading assignments and needed to get caught up before they could meet up again. This, of course, left Reita with the day all to himself, the first half spent bonding with Oscar and Keiji, and the second spent in his bed thinking way too much about Kai and just how much he wanted to see him. The day came to a screeching halt at that point, the electrician unable to clear his head and finding it near impossible to resist the urge to hop into his Honda and drive to Kai’s place.

Going out tonight, having a few drinks and clearing his head. It’s all he really needed, because without it he would be up all night, unable to sleep. Kai’s eccentric personality, his almond scent, bubbly laughter.Even his damn bamboo. Reita has spent the last two months of his life completely entrapped by every aspect of Kai, and now that he wasn’t completely surrounded by it all, he felt a strange sense of…emptiness.

When the truck was finally parked, they made their way into Lotus. Ruki was leading the way, Reita trailing right behind him. Aoi was behind the bar, waving them over. A small smile was curled on his lips and he brought Reita into a half hug before the blond sat down on a stool, drinking some of the foam off the top of one of the mugs of beer Aoi had set out in advance for his friends.

Aoi and Ruki spoke for a bit, Reita only half listening to their conversation. Lately, Aoi’s mood had been nothing but cheerful, the bartender reminding Reita of the man he first met those seven years ago. He joked around, teased the living hell out of Reita for constantly texting Kai while sitting at the bar, and he allowed radiant smiles to cross his features; ones that Reita would even say could compete against Kai’s. And the blond knows part of his raven friend’s recent attitude change had to do with his recently ended friends with benefits deal he had with Ruki, but he knew there had to be something more. So the moment Ruki hoped up off his bar stool and headed out onto the dance floor portion of the bar, getting ready to, as he would say, ‘stalk his prey for the night’, Reita grabbed his beer and slid over to Ruki’s recently vacated stool, now right in front of Aoi.

He stared at the bartender for a few moments, Aoi staring right back, and it was only when Aoi began laughing did either of the two say anything. “What’s up with you? You’re acting strange tonight.” Aoi chuckled, grabbing a rag from the underneath storage compartment and beginning to wipe down the counter.

Reita simply traced the rim of his mug, smiling. “I should be asking you the same thing…” Aoi sent Reita a questioning look, continuing with his work, pushing some hair back behind his ear, and that’s when Reita saw the proof to what he’d been assuming these past few weeks. “Holy shit, you’re getting laid, aren’t you?”

Aoi didn’t even get a chance to try and defend himself, his shocked expression giving him away completely. “How…how do you know?” He stopped with the cleaning, holding the rag tight, sounding almost disappointed in himself.

“Aoi, you’ve been happy as shit these past two weeks and you have a hickey the size of Russia on your neck. Who’s the guy?”

Reita’s features morphed into a bemused shock the moment he followed the bartender’s shifty eyes, watching as they landed on the dance floor, Aoi’s teeth grating into his full bottom lip as he surveyed every one of Ruki’s grinding movements against another bar patron. “Holy fuck, you mean Ru final-”

Aoi went as bug eyed as Kai during their first meeting, temporarily distracting Reita, making him think if now would be a good time to text Kai and see if he’d caught up on all his work yet. But he quickly wiped those thoughts away, bringing his attention back to Aoi, listening to him explain almost frantically. “No, no! God, no…I mean, I wish he did…but, no. I know Ru’s never going to want anything to do with me, I accepted that a long time ago…”

A sudden downcast of gloom hovered over their lively atmosphere, making Reita awkwardly rock back and forth in his seat. His thumbs twirled with the condensation on the barely touched mug of beer, feeling like he was back in Aoi’s back office that month ago, observing his friend as he swept through a whole range of emotions. Ruki would forever be a sensitive topic for Aoi and that guilt Reita felt for practically flaunting the auburn fashion journalist in Aoi’s face for all those years was still continuing to eat him alive. He still hadn’t found a way to make things up to Aoi, so until then he’d just have to avoid the topic of Ruki in general.

“Sooo, who is it then?” he asked hesitantly, not really knowing if this change of topic Aoi was really comfortable with.

But Aoi just shrugged his shoulders, slipping a rubber band from off his wrist as he began tying his hair back. “Just another one of the regulars. He’s nice enough, so I figured, why not?” He shrugged his shoulders again, ignoring the customer waving him down from the other side of the bar.

Reita raised his brows, again asking with hesitance, as he pointed back out to the dance floor. “Do you think maybe this new guy could help you get over that prissy midget?”

Aoi laughed, leaning his forearms against the bar countertop. “Rei, I’ve been hopelessly in love with Ru since we were kids, there’s no getting over him.”


“Yeah, didn’t I ever tell you? My family is originally from here-” he was interrupted from down the bar once again, this time sending a small glare to the obnoxious customer, rolling his eyes and continuing the conversation as he turned his back on Reita and began filling a pitcher of beer. “Ru was my next door neighbor growing up.”

That was definitely news to Reita. All this time he just assumed Aoi and Ruki had met when Aoi first opened the bar, not that they had an actual history together. But what really threw Reita off was the fact that Aoi had done what every child of their small town wished to accomplish; he got out. The blond had known Aoi had come from Tokyo before opening Lotus. He’d known Aoi was successful before his move; a different bar under a different name having flourished with customers, the line for entry sometimes wrapping around multiple blocks. A couple of times Aoi had hinted that the big city life just wasn’t for him, but still….there were other small towns to move to. Why come back to Rikubetsu?

“But I thought…why did you bother to come back? Nobody willingly comes back to here once they get out.”

“I know, but I had to. My brother...he needed me.”

His brother. Ni~ya.

The very name that made Reita’s insides ignite in an unknown fury; made his fists clench at his sides. He didn’t like thinking about what could’ve possibly happened, but every time Reita did, this thoughts always transferred to dark. Whenever he shut his eyes and tried to prevent the image of Kai sitting so happily on Ni~ya’s lap and smiling from coming about, he always felt sick. Because Reita was thankful those happy times between them were gone. He was thankful for the state that Ni~ya had put Kai in, because now, Reita had a chance.

“Aoi…” he spoke up softly, drawing invisible shapes on the counter, “why do you never talk about your brother?”

A simple shrug of the shoulders, Aoi folded his arms over his chest. “Sore subject…”

The blond continued drawing shapes, taking Aoi’s vague reply as a way of saying he didn’t want to continue this conversation. Reita sat there thinking, thinking some more, and when he looked up and found Aoi watching Ruki through hazy eyes, watching Ruki lose himself in the music; as he fell further and further away from him. Reita found himself asking another question, this one asked out of mere curiosity alone. “Wait…so does that mean Ru knows Ni~ya?”

A bitter laughter from full lips, Aoi averted his attention back to Reita, his cheerfulness from earlier gone. That expression of melancholy which matched Kai’s back in full force. “Oh, he more than knows him...”

A flash of anger danced in the bartender’s dark eyes, replaced almost instantly by dismay; disbelieving he could ever have such a reaction, or maybe he’d let too much slip. Or maybe even a mixture of both. Reita wasn’t completely sure, but he’d never seen his friend look so distressed. However, before he could even question his frenzied state, Aoi turned his back to him for the second time that evening, this time facing back with a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses in hand.

He swiftly filled the glasses, handing one to Reita with a shaky hand. Together they downed the liquor, both hissing as the hard drink ramparted through their systems.

“So, how are you and Kai doing anyways? Made things official yet?” A new topic. Aoi was always quick to be blunt and switch conversation up a bit whenever he felt uncomfortable and Reita knew to keep up along with him. If he kept insisting on the previous conversation, Aoi would only get pissed and eventually kick him out; something Reita couldn’t even fathom right now considering that even with his mind bending and trying to place together the pieces, he still had Kai constantly on the brain. Distraction. That’s what he needed.

“No, not yet. I guess we’ve both been kind of…busy.” The excuse he gave was rather poignant, something he knew Aoi realized when his deep laughter rang through the air, darkly painted finger tips soon wrapping around the blond’s shoulder and squeezing.

“Let me give you some advice,” Aoi started, curling his other hand atop Reita’s opposing shoulder, smiling friendly, “I spent a good year getting to know Kai, I saw how he reacted to little things my brother did for him. Underneath that earth-boy persona of his, he’s a huge romantic. White Day is in two days, make your move then.”

Since Aoi had found out about Kai, he’d been nothing but supportive. In fact, Reita was sure the third and final reason for Aoi’s new bout of relative optimism came from the fact that he now had someone to tell him just how Kai has been doing. Supplying Kai with daily necessities, even with clothes, books, and his favorite flavored teas. It was obvious Aoi cared about the young enigmatic, and one of his factors of stress had obviously been he hadn’t been exactly sure of Kai’s well being. Sure, he could leave boxes and boxes worth of supplies, but just because Kai dragged each box into his home didn’t necessarily mean he was ok. Because from what Aoi had told Reita that night in the office, Kai hadn’t been ok. He’d been living; surviving, but he had been lonely. And loneliness was something that was enough to devour anybody whole.

Sitting here, staring at his friend’s whimsical smile, taking in every detail of his pale features; Reita saw nothing but happiness. That even though Aoi was internally suffering from his long winded battle of feelings for Ruki, even though an occasional black cloud hovered above him and darkened the atmosphere, bringing about his intimidating aura, Aoi had been able to sweep all of that aside for now. He’d been able to bury his true feelings so deep that the crack in his mask was concealed, giving Aoi a look of radiance. Aoi hadn’t reached his peak of happiness, he’d stopped midway, becoming content with his way of life. But still, this was the most at peace Reita has ever seen the dark haired man, and that in and of itself allowed that small weight of guilt he has been carrying to lift drastically.

“Thanks for the suggestion Aoi, but wouldn’t it be kind of cliché’ to ask him out on White Day?”

Aoi chuckled, pulling away and beginning to dry mugs. “I just told you, Kai’s a huge romantic. He lives for cliché’s.”

Reita fell silent, brows furrowing together as he tried to think on Aoi’s suggestion. He’d never been good at holidays. For Christmas, cards were sent out. For birthdays, more cards were sent out, usually stuffed with a few yen. But that was really as far as it went. Kai became someone special in his life though, so he didn’t want to give him the usual. He wanted to give him something he’d appreciate, something memorable, and it was just as Reita thought up the perfect gift did his cell phone vibrate in his pocket, already knowing who it was before he was able to even glide him thumb across the screen.

I’m caught up on all my work. Could you come over now? – Kai

It didn’t even take Reita two seconds to reply, the open invitation Kai had provided him with sending relief throughout his entire system. There was one thing he had to take care of before he left though, grabbing Aoi’s attention by standing and beginning to shrug on his jacket. “Aoi, could you make sure Ru-”

“I think Ru’s taken care of for the night,” Reita didn’t even need to look, he could tell from the wry tone in Aoi’s voice. But still, he peeked out from the corner of his eye and over to the dance floor, finding Ruki all over his earlier dance partner. “Leave, go see your Kai-chan.” Aoi folded his arms over his chest, offering a half grin. Reita raised his brows.

“How’d you kno-“

“Rei, you get that annoyingly cute school boy smile on your face every time you talk to or about Kai. The answer was obvious.”

Embarrassment washed over Reita in the form of a light sweat and a dim blush, something he was glad he could blame on the alcohol and the heat of the bar. He waited for Aoi’s teasing, but it never came, and with an exchange of goodbyes, he rushed outside and got into his truck, grateful that the snow had let up in the recent month, allowing him to add a bit more to his usual speed.

When he reached Kai’s residence, Reita didn’t even bother knocking. He simply allowed himself inside, knowing Kai purposefully left the billions of additional locks unmanned upon inviting him over. But it was strange. In the past month, Reita hadn’t even been able to make it two steps in the front door before Kai was on him, slamming him against the wall with a kiss that went way beyond a welcoming peck. He was used to having to carefully push Kai away from him so he could actually get settled in before their more than affectionate activities began. But tonight, he was met with nothing.

Lights were shut off all around the house. The living room and kitchen, which aside from his room, were Kai’s two preferred places in the large home, were completely vacant. And after running into a few new boxes that had been scattered along the floor, Reita checked the bedroom, only to find bamboo and no Kai.

“Kai?” He called out, beginning to search other rooms, a sense of worry taking over upon not getting a reply.

He checked all the rooms downstairs, even the basement, figuring Kai may have gone down to flip one of the circuits seeing how freezing the home currently was. But all the locks were in place, not even touched.

That worry in Reita soon began growing, huffing it upstairs, afraid he might find Kai just how he’d found him the night their date came crumbling down. Alone. Full of fear and scared.

He checked room after room, the upstairs being the section of Kai’s house he’d never really had a chance to explore, and when he finally came to the last room on the left, that worry dwindled down to nothing.

There Kai was, bundled up exactly how he was the day Reita first met him. Layers and layers of sweaters, a beanie, a red marshmallow puff jacket, and sweat pants that showed just how tiny his legs actually were. Reita watched him for a few moments, Kai too enthralled by the book in his hands to even notice his presence.

The room was small. The only objects taking up space being the twin sized mattress Kai was laying on, a reading lamp, a bookshelf loaded with course books, and a study desk. When Reita took his first steps in, the floorboards beneath him creaked, automatically gaining Kai’s attention. The younger looked up, doe eyes swimming in tired excite. “Hey, Rei…” he offered a sleepy smile, sitting up and patting the mattress, telling Reita to come sit by him. Reita followed the silent instructions, the mattress dipping under his weight, leaning into Kai so the sides of their heads were touching.

“Are you okay? You look exhausted.” Bags under his eyes, paler than usual; Kai looked more than exhausted. Reita had seen him at what he considered his worse, he’d even seen him go days without sleep just because he could, but never had he seen Kai so worn down. Every movement he made looked like it took effort, as if he was dragging around bags of wet cement.

“I am. I had over a weeks’ worth of papers to grade and was on the phone with my boss for over an hour. He threatened to fire me if I didn’t get my shit together.” Kai rubbed at his eyes with balled fists, leaning further into Reita, burying his face into his neck.

Everything about Kai seemed so....different. Most of the time, Reita found himself listening to Kai, eyebrows lifting at some of the quirky or unbelievable questions to fall from those smooth lips. Kai was interesting and nothing was ever boring between them. But right now? Everything just seemed so…casual. It was almost too normal, but Reita enjoyed every moment of it.

He wrapped his arms around Kai’s waist, beginning a small back and forth rocking movement, keeping his voice soft as he offered a suggestion he himself didn’t really like the sound of. “Hey, if you fell behind because of me, I could stop coming by as much-”

“No! Just no…please. You’re probably the only reason why I haven’t gone completely off the deep end.” Nuzzling further into Reita’s neck, breathing in his scent.

Reita could feel Kai relax the more affectionate they became, and honestly, he felt honored. His parents were always hard on him, telling him he was going to amount to nothing in his life if he didn’t live out the path they’d set for him. And Uruha was always his lifeline, the one who could pull him out from his darkest of moments. So knowing that’s how Kai viewed him sent an appeasing swarm of warmth throughout his body, a smile curling on his lips as he dipped his head and pressed their lips together. It was only a small peck, one Reita was surprised he was so easily able to pull away from given how heated things had become between them lately. However, he was barely able to break their contact before Kai looked up at him with those tired eyes, closing them as he reconnected their lips.

They kissed softly, Reita’s lids fluttering shut, humming as he tilted his head and slowly allowed Kai’s tongue to explore. Everything was lazy, Kai’s hands unmoving from the blond’s shoulders and Reita’s hands beginning to strip off layers of sweaters and coats as they laid down fully on the mattress, still kissing.

This went on and on, only stopping when Kai pulled away, lips a pearly pink and swollen, laughing bitterly as he buried his face into Reita’s chest. “We both finally find the time, but I’m honestly too tired to sleep with you right now.”

Reita chuckled, arms tightening their hold and craning his neck so his chin could rest in the pit of Kai’s choppy hair; hibiscus and almond cream still fresh and strong. “It’s fine. We can just lay here and…talk.”

“Talk about what?” Reita could feel Kai’s large smile form against his chest, sure that dimple was proudly on display.

“Anything, really.” He countered back, this being the most relaxed he’s felt in weeks.

A brief bout of silence, followed by a soft hum from Kai vibrating against Reita’s chest. “Ok, I have a question. What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do in life, but haven’t?” Kai lifted his face, looking up into Reita’s hazel orbs curiously.

Reita was honestly surprised by the normality of the question, easily expecting Kai to ask something sexual. But chatting with Kai, whether it was the topic of strange, the weather, or everyday life…it simply calmed the blond. He enjoyed it. “Well, when I was a kid, I hated living in such a small town. There was nothing to do, just go to school, come home, and start over. So I always planned to travel the world when I got older. I didn’t even care where I ended up, I just wanted an adventure.”

“And why didn’t you ever do it?”

Reita shrugged his shoulders. “I got sidetracked. My parents died early during my second year of college, so between that and school…I just didn’t have the time. I had to work two jobs to pay off debt, constantly had to talk my best friend out of going bat shit, and still find time to sleep. After a while…I just became comfortable with where I was at.”

Kai hummed again, speaking his next words against Reita’s neck. “You don’t want too much of an adventure, anyways. That’s how I ended up lost in Beijing at the age of 19.”


Chuckling, Kai repositioned himself, laying on his back and using Reita’s forearm as a pillow. “One of the guy’s from the environmental club came from a pretty rich family. There was this huge protest going on in Beijing at the time to make those live animal key rings illegal, so his dad was nice enough to fly four of us out there to participate in the rallies. I somehow ended up getting separated from the group, couldn’t even read the street signs to find my way back to the hotel.” Kai paused, a brief smile forming on his lips. “I would probably still be lost god knows where if Ni~ya hadn’t found me.”

Seeing that smile widen at Ni~ya’s name sank something in Reita. “Say Kai…what happened between you and Ni~ya?”

“We…broke up?” It was obvious from Kai’s hesitant, questioning tone that he didn’t wish to go into full detail of his past relationship, so Reita knew he had to change the subject, getting back on track to Kai’s original question.

“Hmm, what about you, Kai? What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?” Reita kept a smile to himself as he watched Kai toss his head back and tap at his chin

A small moment of serene silence passed, Kai humming and thinking out loud before he finally turned to Reita, a grin on his boyish features. “Hmm…I’ve always really wanted to have sex on the beach.”

Kai’s reply ripped a strong laughter from somewhere deep in his core, Reita rolling onto his side and burying himself into Kai’s warm neck, glad to hear he was morphing back into his usual oddball self.

Reita was comfortable as he sat there and continued to rub Kai’s back, this being an atmosphere they hadn’t experienced together in what seemed like an eternity. It wasn’t rushed kisses or pure desperation, it was just feeling at ease with each other after a long day of work on Kai’s part; Reita glad to be the one to offer the soothing Kai obviously needed.

“Hey, Reita?

“Hmmm?” It was a soft hum right against Kai’s neck, Reita feeling his eyes close due to the tranquilly Kai’s presence brought around him.

“That best friend you mentioned? I’d really like to meet him.”

The blond pulled away from Kai’s chest, blinking his eyes as he looked him in the face, able to see the sincerity sprawled across Kai’s childish features. “Are…are you sure? I mean-”

“He’s an important part of your life, Reita. Of course I want to meet him. Besides, maybe I can get him to answer some questions about yourself that you refuse to answer.” Kai broke into a full beam, his adorable laugh lines appearing around his mouth and eyes making Reita’s heart speed up a little more.

“Just what answers are you still looking for, nosey?” Reita chuckled as he pinched Kai’s nose between his thumb and forefinger, only causing Kai to laugh harder.

Once Kai had calmed down a bit, Reita noted that haze of curiosity took over Kai’s eyes again. They stared at one another, Kai placing his hands on the blond’s chest, tilting his head up and kissing Reita fully on the lips. “Kinks, Rei…I want to ask him all about your kinks.”

Reita smirked, running his hands down Kai’s body until he cupped his ass, pulling him against his own body with a playful growl and nibbling on his lips. “You’re going to keep asking me about them until I finally tell you, aren’t cha?” Kai only smiled in response. “Well then, instead of telling you…why don’t I show you?”

Smooth lips were soon moving down Kai’s neck, Kai throwing his head back in complete ecstasy. Reita’s hands massaged against the younger’s ass, both feeling their cocks hardening as Reita pressed harder into Kai. It didn’t take much for either man to get aroused these days, the sexual frustration sky high at the point. They wanted each other more than anything, yet Kai still found himself pushing Reita gently on the chest, their kiss breaking with a quiet pop.

“Maybe next time, Rei. I was serious about what I said earlier. I’m exhausted.”

Reita groaned childishly, pursing his lips into a pout. “You’re such a goddamn tease.”

Kai smiled right back, groping Reita’s cock through his pants and squeezing tightly. “I know.”

The next few hours passed by in a flash. Reita and Kai continued with frivolous conversation, the pair eventually making their way back down stairs and into Kai’s actual room. It didn’t surprise Reita that nothing more intimate above the level of a small peck to the lips and some cuddling happened once they were in Kai’s room, the choppy haired man having actually yelled at Reita the one time they brought one of their close sex encounters into the bedroom, Kai claiming that he didn’t want to behave that way in front of his ‘children’, that they were just innocent bystanders in all of this. Both men were far too relaxed to walk down to the basement and mess with the breakers to bring heat back into the home, so they just settled for snuggling extra close, both of them to sleep within minutes.

The following morning, before the sun was even back up and shining, Reita slid from underneath the blankets and Kai’s arms, knowing there was no way in hell Kai was getting up for at least another half hour. So Reita settled himself in the kitchen, beginning to get to work on a small breakfast, knowing Kai wasn’t going to be in the mood for anything too big after the exhaustion he suffered last night.

Sure enough, forty five minutes later, in walked Kai. His hair stood at all angles and he was dragging his feet, but he knew exactly where to sit, having become accustomed to this new schedule Reita had unintentionally put him on.

“Ready for some breakfast?” Reita asked, perhaps a bit too cheerfully as he walked over to Kai with a small bowl of rice, some cut up fruits, and a big mug of Kai’s favorite peppermint tea.

Kai grunted, accepting everything, not even bothering to touch his food before he grabbed the sugar container, knowing Reita never put in the right amount. Reita watched Kai’s sluggish movements for a bit, knowing that once Kai’s morning sugar rush kicked in, he’d be fully back to his normal self.

And sure enough, he was.

Kai was going on his third mug of tea, having already been talking Reita’s ear off for the past hour, asking weird, out of this world, personal questions that Reita still wasn’t quite sure he was comfortable with answering yet. Reita knew it was time to grab his things and leave when Kai got onto the topic of rim jobs and piercings, using the excuse that he had to be at work soon and leaving Kai’s place with a split lip from the eager kiss Kai had left him with upon his departure.

The moment Reita finished with work, he carefully drove home, snow still continuing to decorate the roads. He climbed the slight steps to his flat and plopped into bed, sharing a small text message conversation with Kai before crashing for the remainder of the night. When he awoke, Reita felt rejuvenated, changing into his sweats and going on an early morning run.

After his quick jog he came home and showered, changing into a pair of loose jeans and a sweater, only to haul himself back outside and jump into his truck, finishing up his day of work quickly before heading down town.

Aoi’s advice from last night was still dancing around in Reita’s mind; the blond knowing he now only had one full afternoon to skip around down town and purchase everything he needed to make the upcoming holiday perfect for Kai. He bounced around store to store for what seemed like hours, loading up the back of his truck with a grin on his lips the entire time. It was already nearing 8 o’clock’ by the time he came to his final stop of the night; Sun’s Flower Shop.

The little bell dinged above the electrician as he slipped into the small corner shop, stomping his shoes on the welcome mat to rid his soles of excess snow. Greenery surrounded him from all sides, memories of working here at the age of fourteen bombarding Reita’s mind and a smile spreading across his lips when he heard the familiar sweet voice call from the back room.

“Welcome to Sun’s – Oh! Reita! How have you been, dear? It’s been ages since I last saw you.”

An elderly lady greeted Reita as she walked towards him, her smile just as warm as her voice. Her long black hair was now speckled with gray, wrinkles formed against her forehead and eyes. Long, green work gloves that almost reached her elbows stood out against her simple white t-shirt, and Reita could tell from the sunhat on her head that she’d indeed just come from the shop’s greenhouse, not her office.

“I’ve been doing great, Sun-san. How about yourself? Anymore grandkids since we last spoke?”

“Hmm, my eldest is set to deliver next month. What about you Reita-kun? Are you going to settle down and give me some god kids soon? Possibly with Ruki?” Sun nudged Reita in the side with her elbow, smile never once faltering.

Reita chuckled nervously, rubbing at the back of his head. “Sun-san, you know Ruki and I were never really together. We’re more friends than anything.”

“Really? I figured things may have changed between you two lately. I mean, Ruki-kun was in here last month around Valentine’s Day buying flowers and you’re here now…so I figured it was just your turn to return the favor.”

Reita’s smile faltered momentarily at the shop owner’s words, imagining Ruki purchasing flowers for no apparent reason an image he couldn’t really conjure up. He knew where Ruki had been the week of Valentine’s Day because it had been a week long of fucking on their part. Their recently ended friends with benefits relationship had started back up again for those few days, seeing as Reita had still been trying to work out just what it was he was building with Kai, and Ruki had been an even bigger mess than usual. They’d left the bed for food and water alone, that week having been some of the rare few days where Ruki had allowed Reita to fuck him while sober. With his curiosity now peaked, Reita knew he was going to have to question Ruki of his odd purchase the next time they saw each other, but for now he had one other task to attend to.

“Nope. Nothing’s changed between us, just good friends. But I am here to buy something for someone special. Could you point me in the direction of your nicest bamboo?”

Reita spent over an hour poking through the lone shelf of bamboo Sun’s shop had to offer, eventually choosing the greenest stalk that met together in the middle, forming the shape of a heart. When he brought it up to the counter to pay, Sun asked him if he wanted anything special done to it, Reita deciding that wrapping one of the red ribbons kept behind the counter would only add to the beauty of the plant. When Reita stepped back out into the frill cold, he walked a block before settling into his truck, placing his recent purchase beside him on the passenger seat. After digging though his pockets some, he pulled his key ring out and started up his car, heading home for the night and soon attempting to crash in bed; eager to finish out work tomorrow and head on over to Kai’s.


Author's Note: Heeeey guys, long time no see~. What can I say? I've been exhausted, my brain sucks, and I hope this chapter wasn't too blaahy or confusing for you. There were a few more scenes I meant to include, but then you guys would probably never see this, so I moved them to next chappie :3 AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THOSE I TALK TO ON HERE *COUGHS* MY BELOVED sarky_chepooka *COUGHS*. Socializing for me has taken lots of energy, energy that I don't have...so to make it up to you, I'm dedicating this chapter to you, deary. I do hope you enjoy and hopefully my brain stops being a dick and I can get back to speaking with you soon <33

Also, it's 3am...so expect mistakes :3
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hinoeuma13hinoeuma13 on September 4th, 2014 08:12 am (UTC)

I will have to read this again when it's not 4 in the morning though lol, I feel like I only processed half of it ewe But from what I did process LOVELY LOVELY JOB, OF COURSE~ <3 Kai cracks me up so much haha, I love him~ So I might end up commenting again like tomorrow, but for now.... Love it, of course~ <3 Keep up the good work and don't let life get you too stressed dear! ^^
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DAAAAW THAT'S SO NICE TO HEAR ;_____; I honestly forgot everybody forgot about this story tbh lol.

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the chapter though, it's little comments like this that keep me motivated to write even when I feel I didn't put out my best work, so THANK YOU! Hopefully the next chapter won't take so long <3
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I squealed like a pig when I saw this update on my feed, I’m not even kidding. And not just any update, but UNSEEN SOLITAIRE! You’ve completely made my day, omg I can’t even… Best surprise ever tbh.


Seriously. Why did Ruki buy flowers?????? There are so many possible explanations floating around in my head and I. Must. Know. Were they for Reita??? Were they for someone else??? Maybe someone who’s not alive??? D: I have so many questions ahhhhhhh. I seriously can’t figure out if he’s in love with Reita or not. He seems like he might be, but he’s so complicated and confusing to me that I just don’t know what to believe. AND HE *MORE* THAN KNOWS NI~YA?? O_o I don’t even know what to say about that. I’m so confused tbh.

Anyway, I love Ruki and I’m glad he seems to be… maybe “doing okay” isn’t the right way to put it, but he seems to be coping at least. He needs to realise his undying love for Aoi though, for real. Because Aoi is lovely and constantly settling and being sad and it’s making me want to cry okay. It’s unreal how badly I want them to end up together.

And Kai. He’s so weird and I just adore him. I really hope he’ll open up about Ni~ya soon though >_> When he was smiling while mentioning his name I was just like… No Kai. No. It’s not fair to Reita, not when Ni~ya is somehow linked to Kai’s agoraphobia and Reita is the one who’s trying to deal with it now, and then he just smiles and no. No.

Reita isn’t the only one who’s feeling the sexual tension. Just saying. WHERE IS ALL THE SMUT?! D: I just…. I just really want them to do it already.

Speaking of smut, the beginning of the chapter was EPIC. Ruki is too fabulous for words. Poor Reita though <3


AND THAT AUTHOR’S NOTE! D’awwww I have the biggest smile on my face right now, I definitely was not expecting that! I was actually going to ask you in the comment if you had received the email, because I was afraid you hadn’t and I seemed like a bitch for not saying thank you ^^; BUT you did so that’s good! And seriously don’t worry about it, I know the feeling all too well. Take all the time you need^^ <3 And thank youuu <3 This is so sweet of you, I just love this chapter SO MUCH!
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I'M EXCITED THAT YOU'RE EXCITED CAUSE...I thought everything was beginning to seem boring...but I guess that's just because I already know everything that's going to happen and how the characters are connected?? lol

Omg, everyone is so curious about Ruki and the damn flowers...and I can't say a single word yet :'DDDD I feel so evil >:3 Gaaah, I really do want to answer all your questions...but I'd be spoiling everything. But what I CAN say is this: Besides Reita and Uruha...like ALL the characters share a special connection :P

YEEES. Someone else who wants to smoosh Aoi and Ruki together just as much as I do :3 They're so much fun to work with cause I can only kind of toss subtle hints about their relationship in w/o giving away too much and it's almost like you'll miss it if you're not paying close attention :P

Ni~ya plays a *really* big role in this fic...and he hasn't even been properly introduced yet :'D But I promise, things should get rolling a little more after the next chapter...WHICH BTW SHOULD INCLUDE SOMETHING YOU'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO *COUGHS* SMUT *COUGHS* ;) ...and fluff, lot's of cheesy fluff.

DEIDICATING THIS CHAPTER TO YOU WAS THE LEAST I COULD DO :33 I'm going to try and get back to your email today when it's not 6am and I have a little bit more brain function lol. I'm SO glad you enjoyed, though. Your comments always make me have the biggest fucking grins, SO THANK YOU :DD
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FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT?! Ahahahahaha, noooo. No! Quite the opposite really, I've been (im)patiently waiting for another update >:D And i definitely don't find it boring at all *_*

Haha it's okay <3 As curious as i am, I know it'll be worth the wait so I don't really want you to tell me xD I'll TRY to be patient~

Now I feel like I might have missed something important O.O That hint about Ni~ya though! Ughhhh can I just give Aoi a hug? And then we can smoosh them together!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *throws confetti everywhere* Smut and flufffffffffffffffffffffffff! Pleaseeee update soon, how can I be patient when you make promises like that?!

No need to thank me^^ And as I said, take your time~ I don't want your brain to collapse just because you feel like you HAVE to get back to me right now :P It's okay, really! ^^
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I was so happy to see you updated! I hope you get enough rest :PI loved it, of course, it was not confusing or shitty xP

I wonder if Aoi is just sleeping with a nobody or someone else...Also love how Kai is torturing Reita with his constant teasing! So cute. You got me all kinds of curious this chapter, like who is Ruki buying flowers for? Lol.

Maybe what happened between Kai and Ni~ya was Ruki, dun dun dun. I don't know, hah! Okay, can't wait for more!

bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on September 8th, 2014 09:18 am (UTC)
I'm happy to see I updated too, honestly lol. It's been forever :'D

Hmm, who Aoi is sleeping with is somebody from another Jrock band, and he'll probably be introduced next chapter, buuuut, that's all I can say for now :p But, I have a feeling you might like him...just sayin'~ ;) Ohoho, the teasing has just begun, trust me...Kai may enjoy sex just a little bit *too* much lol.

I'll try and update soonish! Hopefully my brain works with me, cause I love writing this story, I truly do...but my brain sucks lol.


random_x13random_x13 on September 5th, 2014 01:38 am (UTC)
oooohhhhhh holy crap
ok where to start
I read all 5 chapters today (through out work, too. on the clock! lol!) and just finished this one....
I am IN LOVE with Kai's personality omfg. Somehow I'm always attracted to the strange ones. XD
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And Ruki..... that sarcastic, midget, adorable, bitchy little shit. UGH he's so disgustingly cute. XD

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Omg, it somehow makes me really happy that you kind of just decided to read this all in one go :DDD I feel like I owe you like a big hug or something lol

THAAAANK YOU <3 I'm always afraid of how i'm portraying Kai here cause I don't want someone calling me out on him being too strange lol...so I'm *damn* happy you like him so much >:3 What happened with Ni~ya will slowly be revealed, promise! Aoi is probably absolutely the *sweetest* character in this fic, and honestly my favorite to write, so yes please do squeal over him :DD

I'll try and update soon! My brain already has the next chapter all planned out...it's just getting it into proper words now :p

But thank you *so* much! Getting new readers always makes my day, SO REALLY, THANKS >:333
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ill be honest this wasnt your best work. and it was rather boring. i hope the next chapter is soon and better than this was. please update soon.

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bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on September 8th, 2014 09:28 am (UTC)
Sorry you didn't care for this chapter too much. Hopefully the next will be better?
gAbbYgabbyrockzz on September 5th, 2014 07:55 am (UTC)
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Trust me, nothing's going to mess that up :p Next chapter is going to be cheesy fluff, so be prepared lol. Uggh, I know. I'm a shitty author in terms of updating timely, buuut, at least I haven't just disappeared out of nowhere :p THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS COMMENTING, IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME <33
Isabellaravennightmare6 on September 5th, 2014 11:33 pm (UTC)
I FREAKIN LOVE YOU, I REALLY HOPE YOU KNOW THAT! I know how difficult it is for you to get writing done so I'm super mega awesomely proud of you <3 <3

This chapter was fabulous, even though you didn't write any smut for it ;) Like I said, not *everything* is about the sex, so don't worry~ And, also, the time jump you were worried about was absolutely fine. It all made sense, it fit and it was 100% understandable, so there's no need to stress~

Goddamn! I LOVE Ruki so much. He's amazing, really. He's probably my favourite character in this fic. Just the way he's so... I don't even know how to explain it >.< He's just amazing and hilarious. He's a dick, but I really think he's got a reason to be one, you know? Like, something's going down in that pixie's head and I wanna know what it is >.> I can't wait to find out more about him.

Aoi~ He's such a sweetie. I love him, I really do :') I wanna box him up and take him home. He can be my pet~ He'll get on great with my cats :3 But I love his suggestion about White Day ^__^ It's great. (even though I had to Google what that was coz I had no idea xD)

Poor Kai-chan ;___; He was so tired and worn out. Reita's been taking up all his time with making out >:( But that's alright~ I'm pretty sure none of us mind. But, seriously, the sexual tension between than better end soon otherwise I think I might die. Like, mum'll come in one morning and find me dead with my laptop open to this page and be like 'goddammit, Sam! You and your damn sexual-tension-writing' >:( So yeah, that's how I feel about that xD xD

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AWWWW I LOVE YOU TOO <33 Naaah, don't feel proud of me, it's me who should be proud of you :D You've gotten so much done these past few days, so YAAAY. (which, btw...I still haven't found the time to read Foxy Boys...BUT I WILL I PROMISE)

Smut will be next chapter, that's a promise lol. Woooh~ My time jump got the Aussie stamp of approval, I can feel better about it now :3

Ruki's a dick, yes. But he's the best kind of dick, He's that dick you can't get pissed at no matter how dickish of a thing he just did lol. Most of Ruki's personality is just really who Ruki is...but YES, he's def got a lot going on.

AOI. IS. THE. BEST. I honestly love writing him, because he's just so chilled back and sweet...but still has a lot going on at the same time so ;_____; YEAH AOI'S MY BABY HERE lol Ahh, I guess I should have left something in my AN about White Day...but OOPS, it slipped my mind completely :'D

Omg, I love how everyones going on about the sexual tension and I didn't even mean to purposefully create it :'D I'M JUST TOO LAZY TO WRITE SMUT SO I'M PROLONGING THE ACTUAL SCREWING.

MY LIPS ARE SEALED. Who knows, maybe Ru Boo just bought the flowers because he thought they were pretty :p

Thank you so much for such a sweet comment, you're awesome :DDD
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Hey, Dear :)
First of all I wanted to thank you again for your message in twitter as you updated. (Btw. i'm that girl from twitter!! :D (blasphem.))
It’s good that you've written that everyone can leave a comment, because as I said I’m not registered in livejournal and didn’t know about the fact that I can comment, too.
Soo, where should I start?! :) I must say you’re very good at writing scenes with moments of surprise! I laughed when Ruki suddenly appeared while Reita was still… well. haha
But on top of this, I have to say that I was worried too, when Reita couldn’t find Kai at first. Because there are soo many thrilling and confusing things. I can hardly wait to figure out more about NiYa and the reason why Kai can’t leave his home.
And even to know whats that with the flowers which Ruki bought.

I also hope everything will success and nothing 'll stand in between for the two spending Christmas together.

Keep up the good work! I’m already looking forward to the next Chapter.
bite_to_all136: ReitaClosebite_to_all136 on September 8th, 2014 09:38 am (UTC)
Ahh, hello there~ :D There's really no need to thank me, sending out a tweet takes like two seconds, so no biggie :P

Haha, that's the first time anyone has ever said I'm good with the element of surprise, so thanks a lot! That whole opening scene with Reita and Ruki was nothing but enjoyable to type...sooo, I'm glad it made you laugh :) Things will slowly begin to unravel and we'll find out all about Ni~ya and Kai's agoraphobia and all that other good stuff...it just may take a while :p

Ahh, it's not Christmas they're spending together, but White Day. Just thought I'd clear that up for you since the timeline of events here is kind of important :)

I'll try to update soon! Thank you for such a lovely comment <33
(Anonymous) on September 8th, 2014 10:16 am (UTC)
Ahh okay okay. I see. White day! Google explained that too! :'D
I thought it would be only another description or synonym for Christmas.
Thank you :P
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on September 8th, 2014 11:03 pm (UTC)
Haha, thank goodness for Google, then! :P
vampireserenavampireserena on September 8th, 2014 01:51 pm (UTC)
O my god I love this fanfic! Kai and reita are just so.. <3

But! I have to say that I am intrigued by Aoi en Ruki... Maybe it's the excellent angst that is there between the lines but I really hope those two work it out?

Thanks for the wonderful chapter!
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on September 8th, 2014 11:06 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you so much!

I'm glad the Ruki and Aoi story line is catching your attention...cause getting to subtlety hint at their past is fun for me in so many ways :33

Thanks again for commenting, it means a lot!
venus_doom74venus_doom74 on September 19th, 2014 03:55 am (UTC)
This is how long I haven't been on LJ -.-

THEY ALMOST DID THE "DEED!" I hope things go well with Reita and Kai really soon :D

And I AM SOOOOOO sorry for the late reply; school, work and personal issues have been making me almost insane lately; however, I am GLAD to see this update!
(Anonymous) on October 19th, 2014 05:45 am (UTC)
I absolutely love this story, I can't wait for more!! Please update soon!! :)
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on October 24th, 2014 05:41 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'll try my best to update soon, but no promises :P
Riyu: Jin-chan starriyu_sama on November 17th, 2015 08:52 pm (UTC)
Ho shi! So, I've been reading your ReiKai fanfics for a while now and never really got around to leaving a comment much but, I love love loveeeee! your fanfics so much! The way you portray Kai and Reita here is just so amazing! I love thier personalities, the way the story line flows and just over all, I love how there's so much angst! And oh god, don't even get me started on the plot twists I see here! This story is just so amazing just like your Unbreakable fic! ( to which I am still heavily hooked on and patiently waiting for an update )

You are such an awesome writer! I am so happy to have found and been reading your ReiKai fanfics! Thanks so much for writing and sharing them! I love them so much! Can't even put into words how much I love your stories! Keep up the good work! Can't wait for your next updates! ouo
bite_to_all136bite_to_all136 on November 19th, 2015 01:55 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you so much! It's sweet comments like this that keep me motivated, so thank you so much for finally dropping a comment, sweetie! <33 It means a lot, it really does! As for Unbreakable....hahaha. Thank you for enjoying it, it really is a lot of fun to write, but it's sooo confusing! I have to go back and re-read everything before I try and write on it again :P

Seriously, you are the sweetest little thing <33 I'm never 100% confident in my writings like, ever, and reading how someone enjoys my work so much really does warm my heart <33 After reading your comment, I actually *finished* the next chapter to this, so...expect it within the next few days! I just have to do lots of editing and then it should be up!

Thank you again!
Riyuriyu_sama on November 21st, 2015 01:13 pm (UTC)
I love leaving comments as much as possible, author needs to know how in love I am with their writings lol. But yeah, I would read your fics from like morning to morning. specifically, 10 in the morning and I would be in front of my computer till 2 in the morning the next day. I read even your little fluff fics and I just ughhh... Your ReiKai fics just makes me sooo happy! I was on my tippy toes cursing and all that whilst reading both this and unbreakable! And let's just say some tears were shed too.

And omgeeeeh!!! I am soooo ecstatic for your update! That totally just made my day, probably gonna be grinning like an idiot at school because too giddy and all to read the next chapter! Also, you're an amazing author! Don't get discouraged! Maybe you feel that your writings aren't that good but, for others like me it's like a life saver! Totally changed my perspective in life ouo