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10 April 2014 @ 01:39 pm
Unseen Solitaire - Chapter 4 {Reita & Kai}  
Title: Unseen Solitaire
Chapter: 4/??
Author: bite_to_all136
Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Comedy, Angst, Drama
Warnings: mxm relationships, inappropriate language, mental instability
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairings/Characters: Reita/Kai, Reita/Ruki, Uruha/OC, Aoi
Summary: Reita is an electrician who lives the life of a bachelor; not caring at all to settle down and put himself in a serious relationship. Will the enigmatic Kai be the one to change his bachelor ways?
Notes:A fill for the 'busted heater in the heart of winter ' square on krasivayadusha's angst/fluff bingo card. :P

Previous Chapters: (Chapter 1)(Chapter 2)(Chapter 3)

Chapter 4

Unwrapping his arms from around Kai's thin waist, Reita carefully tip toed out of the bedroom, closing the door partially behind him and leaving a small sliver of crack so he was able to peek inside and keep an eye on the resting figure. Digging through his jean pockets, he pulled out his cell phone, silently scrolling through his contacts until he found the number he desired. With one tap on the screen he lifted the device to his ear, listening to the soft humming noise as he waited to be connected to the other line. It was eight in the morning, meaning at this moment he should be striding through Takashima’s Electric, heading to Uruha’s office where he would collect his list of appointments for the day. Instead, he found himself still dressed in the previous night’s attire, heavy bags under his eyes from being up well past the point of 24 hours. He tried to get some rest last night, but the task proved to be quite impossible, too busy with watching over Kai and making sure his delicate features stayed worry free throughout his slumber.

After Kai’s shocking confession, Reita hadn’t known what to do. He and Kai had simply remained sitting on the futon, his own jaw held sternly together as to avoid having it drop to the floor; Kai’s reprehensible visage hidden under a canopy tress of ebony, teeth still continuing to gnaw into his lip. It was a tense silence, one with a heavy air, and Reita felt more at fault than ever. Six years was a long time no matter how one looked at it. Six years without ever stepping foot out of the house, and while he was thrown into a surprise whirlwind when Kai had uttered that small sentence, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat touched. The young teacher had been willing to attempt breaking his vow of solitude just so he could make their date a successful one, and as much as that warmed Reita’s heart, it’s the very thought that brought on that aforementioned fault.

The image of Kai curled up petrified on the floor, rocking back and forth and mumbling...it simply wouldn’t leave his mind. Because Reita knew he could have lessened the time in which the younger was in that state. If he had listened to Aoi and gone to Kai’s house when instructed, he would have found him sooner, would have been able to ease and comfort him and stop the mental pain he was feeling. But instead Reita allowed the usually lively instructor to remain that way for over four hours, resulting in a sensation of pinging remorse to come about and refuse to leave.

After a while of remaining silent, Kai had finally been the one to break the apprehensive quiet. Apparently Reita’s unresponsiveness had worried Kai, causing the dark haired man to eventually grab hold of his hand, which in turn made their gazes meet. In such a short amount of time Kai had went from completely vulnerable to having one of his classic baby grins spread across his face, making the suggestion that they should watch a movie. Reita hadn’t really been left with the option to say ‘no’, Kai having pushed him down onto the padded cushion as he reached back and grabbed his already opened laptop, closing out of the Rikubetsu Virtual School tab and opening up a folder full of downloads.

Kai had insisted Reita pick the movie, but as the electrician scrolled through the list of films still half dazed by the newly acquired information, he heard the glee of delight Kai produced when he’d passed by the classic Edward Scissorhands (which currently still had its DVD title screen splayed across the opened laptop screen) only to look up and find that single dimple etched into the left side of his face; looking completely like a child. The pure look hadn’t given him a choice but to pick the movie, Reita knowing his decision had been the best one when Kai burst into a fit of laughter upon seeing some of the buoyant designs hedges and hair a like were being trimmed into, leaving Reita’s heart racing in the best way possible.

While the shorter man had been enjoying the film, Reita had been thinking. He thought back to the photos Kai showed him last week, wondering how someone so outgoing had landed themselves in their own solitary prison for years. His mind couldn’t waver away from what possibly could’ve happened, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask Kai, fearing he would fall back into his previous state of panic. So instead of ruining the moment of calm and peace, Reita had decided to push any and all questions far back into his mindset, brushing off the tense atmosphere and admittance from before – just as Kai had.

Throughout the film’s entirety, Reita had had his arm slung across the small of Kai’s back, holding him close. As the movie made its run, flickers of darks and lights from the laptop flared out across the four walls, producing shadows of bamboo stalks to reflect on the ceiling, which only added to the jungle like vibe the room gave off. Reita had been unable to pay attention to the visuals playing on the laptop screen before him, dark gaze constantly shifting back to the man lying beside him. They’d both been stomach down on the soft futon, a pillow a piece tucked under their chins, shoulders touching. Kai’d been heavily focused on the movie, seeming not to have taken notice of the blond or the arm he’d slung over his back, looking absolutely content as his Bambi eyes glossed over, adding more depth to intense brown irises. That expression of shamefulness which had been stained into his gentle features had completely washed away as he immersed himself in the classic film, having looked for the first time since Reita had known him completely calm and at rest.

In the blond’s mind, it had all started to make sense. The boxes, the copious amounts of nonperishable foods, Kai’s sometimes skittish movements and his extremely chatty ways. It all started to come together like an extremely complicated jig jaw puzzle, and each time he was been able to place a piece in proper alignment and fill an empty space of the mystery that was Kai, something tugged at his innards.

When the movie came to its end, soft snores had echoed through the room, Reita having looked over and found Kai peacefully at rest. The sun was pouring into the room at full shine by that point, and it was only when Reita realized he was to be at work in less than ten minutes did he finally decide he needed to call Uruha, ending him where he is now in Kai’s hallway, waiting for his best friend to pick up.

Sock clad foot tapping against faded wood, the blond’s gaze remained fixated on Kai through the crack in the door, only tearing his vision away when he heard Uruha’s deep voice finally answer. Unexpectedly, Uruha sounded somehow pleased, and without even offering a proper greeting, started in on Reita right away.

“Let me guess, you’re asking to use one of your sick days because you have a bangover?”

For a moment, Reita’s face contorted into confusion, but then he remembered that Uruha knew him better than anybody else in the world. So in knowing Reita had a date last night, Uruha knew that dates typically equaled sex for the blond, which again typically ended in Reita calling up right before his appointed work hours began, indeed using his night of sex as an excuse to be ‘sick’. Of course all these years the father of two had been extremely lenient, showing more inclination for the rules towards Reita than the rest of his workers by allowing his longtime friend more sick leave than the usual yearly allotted eight days.

At first Reita wanted to defend himself and give Uruha a full explanation, but upon thinking further into his current situation, he figured it best to let Uruha run off his assumptions and actually explain his long night to his friend the next time he saw him in person. Chuckling softly, he replied to Uruha, keeping his voice in a low whisper as not to wake up Kai.

“Caught me red handed, Uru. I’ll see you tomorrow then, alright?”

Along with the perks of having a best friend came the faults, Uruha instantly picking up on Reita’s hushed tone, noting there was something off about the blond’s usual cocky attitude after a night of intimacy.

“Rei…is everything alright? I mean…did the date itself go ok?”

Easily Reita could imagine Uruha sitting up straight at his desk, fingers finicking with the nearest pen and tapping it against the wooden structure, waiting worriedly for his response. Because no matter what – no matter how many fights and disagreements they came across— Uruha would always treat Reita as the younger brother he never had, putting Reita’s happiness before his own; therefore worrying even if something seemed even slightly off.

“Everything’s fine, Uru.” Reita assured, “I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, don’t worry.”

“Are you sure?”


“Alight then,” Uruha drawled, Reita able to hear the hesitation in his voice, “I’ll see you soon.”

“Bye, Uru. Thanks for everything.”

“Not a problem, Rei. What’s the use in having your best friend as boss if you can’t use him to get as many off days as you'd like?”

One last fit of light laughter was exchanged between them, followed by another set of hurried goodbyes, and then Reita was hanging up, shoving his phone back into his pocket. Taking not even a full minute, he strode back into Kai’s room, this time fully closing the door behind him. When he reached the futon, he found Kai still soundly asleep. The image of Kai so peacefully at rest made Reita realize how truly exhausted he was, and without really thinking about it, he plopped himself back down on the futon next to the younger. Turning from his stomach and onto his side, he brought himself closer to Kai, once more resting his arm upon the younger’s back and tightening his grip; stomach now resting against Kai’s hip and face buried into his shoulder.

Hibiscus and almond cream attacked his senses, a sigh of content pressing through thin lips as his thoughts continued to waver, this time remembering how this particular fragrance had taken over when he had Kai resting on top of his torso, lips moving together at a tortuous speed of slow and hot, hands knotting themselves in smooth dark locks-

Another sigh was released at the all too fond memories, but this time it turned into a near groan, Reita’s entire body feeling warm. His eyes shut tight, deeply inhaling Kai’s scent over and over again, getting lost in the sensation that was Kai and Kai alone, loving very moment of heated warmth.

“Is there something…wrong?”

Eyes shooting open at the speed of light, Reita pulled back, shifting his gaze upwards and finding sleepy bug orbs looking his way. The two men stared at one another with slight bewilderment, Reita confused as to the actions of his body and trying to figure out just when the hell Kai had woken up; Kai simply looking concerned.

The stare only breached once Kai twisted his body so he was breaking from Reita’s now loose hold and sitting upright, knees buried into his chest and leaving the blond without that small warmth radiating from his body. Thoughts of 2,191 made their way back into Reita’s mindset, trying to understand why he was more concerned about his rapidly growing attraction for Kai rather than the fact of the matter as to why the younger hadn’t left the house in over six years.

He couldn’t understand. Before a sexual thought of Kai had never once passed his thoughts, but now suddenly his mind was laced with them. He wanted to press his lips back to Kai’s, feel his warmth and taste him all over again. He thrived to trail kisses across his pale features, to finally get a look of what Kai had to offer under those articles of clothing. What kick started his sudden desire, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t know if he should feel sick that maybe seeing Kai so desperate had made him want to cling onto him, or that maybe he simply wanted to be close and protect Kai from all his fears of the outside world. What he did know for sure is Kai staring at him, offering that look of innocence which now sported sleep tousled hair, made is extremely hard for him to concentrate, mind divulging into fantasies that did nothing to help his current confused state.

“What would make you ask that?”

Reita tried to cover his small slip up, following Kai in sitting up, both of them still on the small futon and having no choice but to touch. The warmth was back, the zing was there, and Reita felt selfish for completely forgetting about the other’s breakdown - Kai's lips which were cracking from being dry being his only view.

“You were making weirder noises than that baby pig I told you about before. You don’t have a fever, right?”

And of course Kai’s hand reached forward, resting upon Reita's forehead and searching for heat that was sure to be there but not for the reason Kai believes. Reita found his reaction to be ridiculous, grabbing Kai’s hand and holding it, smiling nervously as he shook his head and came up with a rather pathetic excuse.

“No, no. Just kind of tired,” a nervous chuckle followed. Reita’s thoughts may be selfish, but he wouldn’t allow himself to act through on them. Even if it seemed like Kai was back to his relatively normal state of not so normal, Reita knew he was still staggering at a frail point, and he wouldn’t dare chance breaking into shambles what he’d just watched fix itself over the past few hours. Curiosity was high, attraction higher; new questions of ‘how’ and ‘why’ becoming stronger; temptation growing larger. But, he restrained. There were questions he wanted answered, but Kai wasn’t the one who he should ask. “I’ve been up well over a day now, so the hour is just getting to me.”

Kai automatically dipped his head, sounding apologetic as he spoke. “I’m sorry. That’s my fault, right? I should’ve just let you go home. You don’t have to stay here if you don’t want to…I understand. Nobody really does after they find out…”

Reita’s jaw tightened again as his fist clenched, Kai’s words bringing a small pit of anger over his usual range of calm. It wasn’t exactly said, but it was easy enough to piece together from Kai’s expression and the way he spoke that there were either family, friends, or both who had swayed their way out of his life because they didn’t know how to work with, or didn’t know how to react to, his closed up ways. Reita didn’t exactly know that feeling of loneliness, seeing as he’s had Uruha to keep him company after he lost his parents, but he could still understand it.

Previous illicit thoughts and curiosity fading from his mind, he raised to his knees and reached to pull Kai into a tight, secure hug – much like the ones Kai gave him every time he left to go back home. He could feel Kai’s body stiffen, probably not expecting such an act, but after a few simple seconds, he relaxed, Reita feeling choppy bits of hair nuzzle into his neck as Kai wrapped his arms around his back.

“You don’t have to worry about me going anywhere. After all, somebody needs to watch after you and Isola-chan.”

A hum on Kai’s behalf was followed by a light laughter, Reita able to feel lips move across his neck, sending a smile across his own pair. It was such an angelic laughter, making him feel like someone straight out of a crappy romantic comedy instead of the 32 year old man who less than a day ago hadn’t ever had the intention of finding somebody special to spend his time with.

“You’re showing favoritism towards Isola, all the other plants are going to get jealous.”

Kai’s words came out as dead serious, Reita’s smile widening as he pulled away, finally meeting the other’s pale features.

“You’re going to try and tell me Isola isn’t your favorite as well? I don’t think it’s fair you can pick a favorite and I can’t.” He mocked Kai’s seriousness, a twitch of lips breaking his stern façade.

“She is,” Kai whispered back, pointing to the shelves of bamboo before continuing in an even softer voice, “but they don’t need to know that. Besides, you haven’t even tried to get to know the others better, you can’t pick a favorite yet, right?”

“I guess you’re right,” Reita answered levelly, settling back into a crisscross position and sitting directly across from Kai. “But I have more than enough time to get to know all your children properly, so I guess we’ll see over time if Isola can keep hold of my heart.”

Kai may have been speaking about his bamboo, but Reita’s own words seemed to hold an indirect connection to the Kai himself. He’s met the strange side of Kai, he’s met the happy go lucky side of Kai, and now he’s even met the vulnerable side of Kai. So many dimensions learnt of one person in a short month’s time, yet the younger was still able to keep Reita coming back for more. There was no denying that Kai now had a special place in his heart, and it was obvious that Kai liked him to some extent, so Reita could only wonder just how far their relationship would progress; if it would remain the same through and through or change for the better.

For once in his life…he hoped for the later.

“I don’t think she’ll disappoint you, she’s pretty special.”

Reita couldn't help but smile at the other’s sincerity, Kai unintentionally feeding into his earlier thoughts. Because there was really no going around it; Kai was his own category of special.

“I think you’re absolutely right...”

They ended up starting up another movie, Reita nodding in and out of consciousness, only to be brought back to reality by Kai’s small giggles. At some point during the new film, his arm found its way back around Kai’s back, resting there even minutes after the movie ended. The two men laying there in a rare silence, enjoying the close contact and company.

Reita’s body eventually couldn't fight through the exhaustion any more, falling into a deep sleep, still holding Kai close.

It was what only felt like minutes later that Reita's eyes flickered open, finding Kai’s own chestnut pools staring back at him. The room was now encompassed in complete darkness, Reita only able to see the outline of Kai’s face due to their bodies being lined up right next to the other.

Reita allowed his hand to slip forward, running through choppy hair before caressing a wan cheek, thumb running over the small discoloration from a night of distress. “Have you been laying here in the dark this whole time?”

Because Reita realized the laptop that was once open was now shut, the only light in the room being a small slither of moon. The sun was nowhere to be found, meaning those small minutes of rest had in all actuality been hours’ worth.

Kai nodded his head, looking nervous. “Yeah… I wanted to make sure…”

Chestnut eyes downcasted, fingers again playing with lose strings on the blanket, Kai refusing to look at Reita. Gently, Reita’s fingers grasped Kai’s rounded chin, lifting the smaller’s head with care until their stares meet.

“Make sure of what?”

Only a small silence formed, Reita losing himself in the deep set pools of Bambi eyes, before Kai silently whispered. “...that you really weren’t going anywhere.”

The feeling of being wanted, of actually being needed for something that wasn’t a quick release. The depths of emotional attachment that had silently formed between them. Reita was finally able to wrap his mind around it all, realizing that he wanted Kai in his life as much as the other needed him. They had something new and fragile, something nobody but them could really understand, but it was necessary to keep it alive and going. Be it through friendship or romantic interest, the spark of whatever they’d found in each other had to remain lit.

Leaning forward with weary caution, Reita pressed a kiss to Kai’s temple, watching from half eyes as Kai’s own closed fully in delight, a soft sigh following. The small touch sending Reita’s own pair tingling.

“Come on, I’ll make you something to eat.”

It was a simple dinner of some prepackaged miso soup and toast, which of course Kai added sweetened butter and honey to. For once, few words were exchanged between the pair, Reita watching Kai contently through flat, blond fringe as the young teacher picked at pieces of bread crumbs, seeming lost in thought as dark chunks of hair covered chestnut eyes the more in depth his thoughts became.

“Rei, if something ever happens to me, you’ll watch after them, right?” Hair black as coal shifted over pale forehead as Kai’s question filled the silence, Reita placing down his cup of tea and sending the younger man a placid look of confused and worriment.

“What’re you talking about?”

“My bamboo…you’ll watch after them if something happens to me, right?”

Kai’s words sent Reita’s heart beating a bit faster, a bitter unknowing feeling causing his face to crinkle. Reaching out, he grabbed Kai’s hand. “Kai, nothing’s going to happen-“

“Something can always happen, Rei. Life is unpredictable. Now, will you?”

“…yes.” Reita answered hesitantly, slowly lifting his hand up from atop of Kai’s. “Of course I will.”



It was then Reita realized Kai’s emotional episode last night scared the other as much as it had scared himself – that undying conviction to keep Kai safe gradually growing.

Eventually came the time Reita dreaded – having to inform Kai he had to head home. Upon bringing up the foreboding words that he had to leave, Kai shot him a worried expression. Reita rid him of that dire countenance right away, quickly informing that he had to go so he could take care of his birds and prepare for work the next day, adding that he’d be back sometime tomorrow after five. It was hard to tell if Kai was more excited about the fact that Reita would be back or about the new information he acquired that the blond had birds, but either way, Kai’s happiness was contagious and Reita couldn’t help but answer all his questions about Oscar and Keiji as he began sliding on his coat and shoes.

“Do they get along well?” Kai asked, hand hugging the wall and watching as Reita bent down on the genkan, reaching for his shoes.

“They’re like best friends,” Reita replied with a smile, lifting the back of his sneaker up over his ankle, “You can meet them whenever you come to my place-”

Between gathering his belongings and his almost nonexistent amount of sleep, Reita didn’t stop to think on how to phrase his words or what he was even saying in general. It was only when another silence took over did he turn his attention back towards Kai, finally realizing the punch of his words when that same ashamed expression from just a few hours ago stained itself back across the younger’s face. Quickly he stood from the floor of the genkan, his own expression falling worried as he walked up to Kai, a hesitant hand automatically cupping cheek so Kai’s stare lifted from off the ground.

“I’m so sorry…I just wasn’t thinking…” his fast and heartfelt apology was interrupted, Kai already back to his happy self as he waved Reita off with a small grin and shake of the head.

“You know, Rei…I’ve been thinking about something…”

It took Reita a moment to properly register Kai’s words, puzzled at the sudden change of topic. After being around Kai so long he figured he should be used to abrupt conversation jumps, but sometimes the topics varied so drastically he simply couldn’t understand what would even ignite Kai to bring up the new found subject.

“What’s that?”

A tooth baring beam spread across Kai’s pout, eye lashes batting innocently, and Reita couldn't help but wonder just what thoughts were occurring in that spaztastic mind.

“I was thinking of how to make things up to you…”

Reita, for the first time since he has known Kai, was able to easily detect the hinted undertone to the younger’s words. Kai was gazing at him with suspecting eyes, silently informing him of the carnal connotation of his words.

Before, Reita didn’t know how to react, but now that Kai was being straightforward, the game turned into something the blond was a pro at. Everything from the long evening was forgotten, one hand sliding down to grasp a lithe hip and the other raising above and positioning itself against the wall; entrapping them both and leaving no exit.

“And just what did you decide?”

A whisper so soft, almost sensual, that Kai had to repress a whisky plea. Usually large set eyes morphed to the shape of almonds, and as Reita stood there close, still, and expecting an equally as quirky reply, he was shocked once more – his surroundings going dark as his eyes closed from the complete bliss of feeling his and Kai’s mouths seal together.

At first, when their lips met, it was an almost gentle caress – a test to make sure they were both ok with it. It was truly only a prolonged peck that allowed Kai the time to lace his arms around Reita’s neck and pull back a small inch in one smooth movement. All it took was that small gap to realize they were both craving more; Kai tilting his head and melting their lips together with much more ferocity than before.

For a moment, Reita froze, the reality of the situation crashing down all around him. He restrained himself so well in the earlier hours of the day, worried for Kai’s wellbeing. Kai had even just said so himself that this was his way of making amends, so how could he be sure he was actually ok with all this? However conflicted he felt at the moment, any and all concern drifted away the second a thigh was placed between his slightly muscled legs, Kai rubbing against length rousingly and allowing a soft plead to escape smooth lips.

A hungered growl echoed and then the kiss instantly deepened; Kai moving in and stealing what little breath Reita had left. Their movements were wet, sloppy, and sweet; the desperation melting from each body in a trance of euphoria. Something could be felt welling up in Reita’s chest at such intimate contact, hips unintentionally rocking forward and rolling against Kai’s own; able to feel heat and pure desire.

Everything he felt was nothing he ever experienced with Ruki or any of his other previous hook ups. The rapidly beating heart, the immense heat, the raw desire that made his body constrict in unmentionable ways.

It was all as addicting as Kai’s charmingly strange personality and that mesmerizing fragrance of hibiscus and almond.

Such desperate movements were sending Reita’s thoughts into overdrive, a heavy groan being released into Kai’s mouth as hands began roaming all over each other’s bodies; Reita firmly holding Kai close. Slight confusion took over when Kai pulled away, but then that smirk was back and Reita was pushed into the opposite wall. His back made a painful ‘thump’ against the wall, a needy gasp right after, and before he could take a proper breath, Kai reconnected their lips; moaning into an open mouth and forcing their tongues to wrestle lewdly.

Reita was beginning to feel dizzy from breathlessness, Kai not letting up in the least bit and the blond planning to do the same. The taste, the smell, the undying heat. Everything was perfect. He was lost in a pleasured abyss, derailed from thoughts of reasons ‘why’. Before he would have never thought a kiss, such a heated that act that he’d shared with over a dozen people, could have such an effect on him, but this right here, right now, was complete blessedness.

Far too soon for Reita’s taste, Kai was backing away again. A light string of saliva strung between their lips, Kai flicking his tongue out to break the strand, offering Reita another grin as he raised his fingers to swipe his mouth dry. The act, along with the image of Kai’s reddened cheeks, tousled hair, and swollen lips, was enough to make the blond groan internally, head falling back against the wall as his mouth hung open and took in deep breaths of air.

When he finally spoke, he was still breathless, words coming out in rugged pants. “That’s one hell of a way to make something up to someone.”

Kai simply grinned again, bug eyes glistening in mischief. “Text me when you get back to your apartment, alright? I have to give you the second part of my apology.”

And then he was waving as he turned on his foot, reminding Reita to be safe and turn the bottom lock on his way out. Reita watched Kai’s retreating figure until the online instructor enclosed himself in his bed room, only to stare in disbelief for a few moments before he was shuffling out into the cold of the winter night and driving down the road towards his apartment.

It was early in the night, only about 6 o’clock, barely any other cars on the road; yet Reita still somehow managed to hit every red light available. Each time he was stopped and forced to stare at the snowy white ahead of him, he found his gaze wondering to the town’s side buildings and attractions. Spotting Mrs. Sun’s flower shop, the local mechanic, and even the small mini mart he walked to almost daily as a child. Everything was so familiar in the homey town, allowing him a peace of mind and to be just as relaxed as Kai had been while entrapped in the earlier film.

Whatever state of salvation he’d settled into was quickly ripped out from under him upon driving further down the road, his brain on the incessant track of ‘why?’ again the moment he began passing by Lotus. He tried to keep driving, he really did, but his mind was fumbling with unanswered questions and the very person who he assumed could answer them was just on the inside of those double doors.

And that’s exactly how Reita ended up parallel parking his truck, making his way inside the popular bar within seconds.

Lotus typically opened at eight, but Aoi always came in a few hours before hand to straighten up and count the previous night’s profit, so it was no surprise that there wasn’t a soul in sight as Reita weaved his way through to the backroom, knocking twice before entering with no permission.

Straightaway, Aoi looked up from behind the desk he was sitting at, his threatening glare aimed directly at Reita. “What the hell do you want?”

Aoi sounded more hurt than intimidating, the bills in his hands dropping to the flat surface of the desk. His hair was pushed back even further than usual with a thin hair band of sorts, allowing the deep set blond streak to mix with contrasting ebony tress. Dark hair did nothing but make his already pale features seem even paler, full lips tugged into a stern pout, and eyes dead set in allowing no emotion to pass.

Even through all of this, Reita was able to notice the one change in his friend from a mere few hours ago – he looked tired. Not just physically or mentally tired, but emotionally. His empty stare gave away more than he thought, and Reita had known him long enough to dissect the situation and take in the knowledge that something had indeed happened since he walked out the bar’s front entrance with Ruki the night prior.

“I wanted to talk to you,” Reita offered, removing his jacket and laying it across his lap as he took the seat across from Aoi. “About…stuff.”

The other sighed, pushing back from the desk before beginning to dig around desk draws. “Stuff, what kind of stuff?” he pulled a bottle from the cubby space, popping two aspirin and swallowing them dry, before beginning a light massage on his temples; eyes closed in search of a form of relief.

“Well, about…Kai.”

Aoi was suddenly more alert, shifting in his seat a bit before threading his fingers together and placing his chin in the small knuckle pit; a visible drape of relief shadowing his pale visage. “You went to go see him…?”

“Not right away, but yeah, I did, and now...I have a few questions to ask you.”

Another pause took place before Aoi shook his head resiliently, eyes closing half way, and long strands of hair dancing over his strong shoulders. “No…It’s not my place.” He spoke with determined finality, turning his full gaze back to Reita, knowing the blond man well enough to know he’d fight him on the issue.

“Come on, Aoi.” Reita whined as he ran a hand through his flaxen dyed locks, falling back further in his seat. He’d been counting on Aoi to give him at least some kind of information, because at this point, even the smallest details would calm him some. He just wanted to know something so he could begin to understand Kai, to find out exactly what caused such a cheerful man to become so exposed.

“No, ask him yourself.” The bartender announced his words clearly, that finality even stronger than before as he directed his gaze away from Reita, beginning to fumble with the bills and place them in a lock box.

Sighing, Reita leaned forward, elbows resting on Aoi’s desk and voice dropping to a desperate whisper. “Please, Aoi…I can’t ask him…I- I can’t put him through that again…”

He was nothing but sincere with his plead, Aoi apparently picking up quite well on that sincerity seeing as the movements on his behalf come to a complete halt; Reita watching as the bartender surveyed his desperate figure, trying to appear scrutinizing, only to purse his lips and fall against his desk - chin resting in the bend of his arm as he met Reita’s hazel eyes through a tress of dark hair; pointing an lecturing finger in his blond friend’s direction.

“I’ll tell you the basics and the basics only, are we clear on that?”

For a fraction of a moment, Reita’s eyes widened, surprised by how easily Aoi has given in. Normally the bartender was resilient, his answer of ‘no’ usually meaning just that; refusing to change his mind for anybody – even if that anybody was Ruki. Coming into Lotus tonight, Reita knew his chances of acquiring information were nothing but slim, but he had to try, for as resilient as Aoi was, Reita himself was just as stubborn; determined to get his way no matter what it took. The pairs disagreeing traits had caused more than a few handfuls of verbal arguments over the near decade they’d known each other, neither willing to give in and become the defeated of the unwritten quarrel. Fortunately for them, Ruki’s sardonic behavior usually ended up being the peacemaker; the fashion journalist easily able to force their fights to die down in just seconds by making a crude comment that left both Aoi and Reita a bit dazed and confused. Ruki; however, wasn’t here at this very moment. Reita came in knowing his simple query had the possibility of not ending very well, so the astonished expression he sported right now suited the situation, his next words finally leaving him after brief glimpses of silence filled the air.

“Y-yeah. Basics only, got it.” He nodded his head, hands unintentionally tightening around the material of the jacket sprawled across his lap as he watched Aoi sit up right, adjusting himself properly in his seat and taking a deep breath.

“Kai…he’s a really good man, Reita.” Reita listened intently, leaning forward with each new word Aoi spoke. The bartender ran his heavily decorated hands through his dark tress, knocking the band out and allowing locks to fall completely flat and encompass he ashen cheeks; sorrow seeping its way into his hardened features. “He really doesn’t deserve half the shit that’s happened to him…”

Reita was getting a bit impatient, air tightening in his chest as he waited for Aoi to continue, only asking a small, meek question when he noticed the bartender staring off into the distance; stuck in reminiscence. “What…happened?” strong hands tightened once more, a damp sweat taking over the calloused appendages due to his suffocating grip on the winter material.

Aoi breathed out harshly once more, fingers beginning to fidget with his abundant amount of silver decorating long fingers. “Has Kai ever mentioned his ex, Ni~ya?” Reita nodded, countless possibilities of what Aoi’s statement could inquire appearing – not one of them having a happy outcome. “Well, Kai…he has a really big heart, Rei. He opens up to and accepts everybody so readily…and that’s just what happened with Ni~ya. They were together a year before something really big went down between the two of them…”

Reita swallowed hard, trying to rid himself of his cotton mouth, feeling nervous as he stated, “Aoi, please. You have to give me a little bit more than that…”

“Told you, I’m only telling you the basics.” Aoi shrugged, leaning forward with a sigh. “You can ask what you want but that doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily tell…”

At that moment, Reita could have asked hundreds of questions. But the one he deemed most important was the one to slip through his thin lips first, “Kai says he hasn’t left the house in six years…why?”

“What happened with Ni~ya really scarred him, Rei. His house is the only place he feels safe.” Reita wanted Aoi the elaborate, but he could visibly see the bartender stiffen up the longer they stayed on the topic.

He knew delving deeper would be surpassing what Aoi considered basics anyways, and even if Reita had been able to break the dark haired man’s resilience once this evening, he knew there was no way in hell he’d be able to do so once again. So instead of skirting around and prying for related answers, he went onto his next question, again watching as Aoi visibly tensed, trying his hardest to keep his stern façade solid. “How do you know them…?”

Reita really didn’t care to know how Aoi knew Ni~ya seeing as that man was simply a fragment of a photograph he’d seen one time and also someone who’d caused Kai pain at one point or another, but asking how he knew ‘them’ instead of ‘him’ still seemed more appropriate.

“I actually met Kai through Ni~ya,” a small schism of a smile appeared on Aoi’s posh lips, laugh lines and delicate rumpled folds appearing near dark eyes. “And Ni~ya…well, he’s my younger brother.”

The room seemed to completely freeze at Aoi’s words. Reita stared at him with unbelieving eyes and Aoi gazed off into space, easily back in his pattern of reminiscing. The entire seven years Reita has known the other man, never once had he’d mentioned his family. As far as Reita was concerned, Aoi didn’t even have a family. The elder man had simply shown up in Rikubetsu during the summer all those years ago, opened up Lotus, and that was that. Business was successful, he owned one of the most popular bars in their small town and was well known throughout the community as being kind and always there for someone if in need. He lived alone in an apartment complex just two streets down from Reita’s own; not even a pet as basic as a goldfish taking up space in his quarters. So the news that Aoi had a brother was even more disquieting than Kai’s reveal of having not left his house for more than a handful of years.

“Brother? Aoi, I didn’t know you had a brother, why didn’t you-”

“We’re sticking to basics here, remember?” Aoi’s eyes turned threatening just as quickly as they’d turned solemn, his voice sounding agitated and hurt as he allowed a shrill shout to permeate the room’s reticent atmosphere.

Over the years, Reita has seen Aoi at his angriest, but the expression the other man held right now was a mixture of his enraged attitude mixed with the exact melancholy expression he’d seen spread across Kai’s gentle features more times than he’d like to admit. The expression stilled the blond, allowing the room to fall back quiet for more seconds than deemed comfortable. That dry feeling began taking over his throat again, and with a hard swallow he cleared his throat, finally finding it in himself to drop the subject and move on, going back to the original topic that was Kai.

“Last night you said Kai needed help…what exactly am I supposed to do?”

Because being able to calm Kai down and allow the him to be himself around Reita was something he was looking at as a stroke of good luck. If Kai were to fall back into that state of vulnerability once more, he’s not sure if his same soothing methods would work again. He wanted to be able to help Kai, but wasn’t sure if there was any helping, seeing as Kai's condition was something mentally complex and unpredictable. There was simply no helping if he couldn’t even begin to understand just what it was that led Kai to be the way he is.

A bitter chuckle followed Reita’s question, Aoi throwing himself back in his seat and aiming his eyes in the direction of the ceiling. “You’ve met Isola?”


“Well, Ni~ya bought her for Kai.” Reit moved to interrupt, but Aoi raised his hand, silencing the other, before continuing. “When Ni~ya first met Kai, he was really struggling with his grandfather’s death. Kai just didn’t know what to do with his life. He was so used to taking care of his grandpa and then all of a sudden he wakes up one morning and no longer has that responsibility…he was having a really hard time accepting, so, Ni~ya gave him Isola -- someone to care for again…”

“Aoi, I don’t get what that has to do with me helping him-”

“Isola is a French name – it means isolation.” Sitting upright, Aoi leaned back over his desk, making sure his and Reita’s fixed stares remained on one another. “He’s lonely, Rei. He needs somebody in his life. Talk to him. Be there for him. Understand him. All he needs is one friend to be content. But...you can be more than that if you wish to.”

The small smirk Aoi threw Reita’s way was completely swept under the rug, Reita needing to know one last bit of information. “Aoi…why didn’t you stay in his life?”

At that, the bartender’s jaw tightened, entire body going frigid with a layer of resentment. Reita was expecting Aoi to yell, maybe even command him to leave, but instead Aoi looked him straight in the eyes, answering sincerely. “I tried to, I really did. But it turns out he’s just one of the few who can’t stand the similarities between myself and Ni~ya…”

Reita’s mind was quickly able to formulate a mental image of Ni~ya, remembering the man’s details from the picture at Kai’s house last week. Instantly, he was able to understand Aoi’s previous statement. The pale skin, dark tress, and strong jawlines were practically identical on each man. If sat side by side there would be absolutely no denying their relation, but from afar one could easily make no connection.

“What do you mean by that?” Curiosity was now peaked again and Reita wasn’t sure if he was pushing his limits now, but he was going to get as much out of Aoi as he could, even if it meant he’d have to stay away from Lotus for a few days as he waited for his friend to calm down.

However, that spark of frustration never came, Aoi coming forth and answering his new query with not a hint of hesitance. “After the whole Ni~ya incident, I tried to go see Kai, but he flipped out on me – broke down before I could speak a single word. I tried calling and going to see him, but each time the same thing happened. After a few weeks it became apparent he wasn’t leaving his house, so I started leaving packages of necessities at his back door so he could take proper care of himself...and what can I say? Old habits die hard.”

Time went still again, Reita properly registering the bar owner’s words. His mouth opened and closed a few times before he finally decided on offering Aoi a smile, “So you’re the one responsible for all those damn boxes?”

Aoi smiled right back, a dusk of youthfulness panning over his facet display as full teeth came into view. “Damn straight. He gets a new one every other Sunday afternoon.”

Both laughed quietly, only to follow the relaxing act with another fit of silence. After a sparse moment, Reita cleared his throat, grabbing Aoi’s attention. “Aoi…you’re a good man.”

And just like Aoi had said earlier about Kai; Aoi didn’t deserve half the shit he was forcefully dragged through. Suddenly, all those nights Reita walked out of the bar with Ruki came flashing before his eyes, Reita feeling like the biggest asshole for putting sex before his friend. He could have denied Ruki all those times, but Aoi never actually came out and asked him not to, so he continued on. Reita may have hurt Kai last night by not going to his home right away as instructed. He may have hurt Ruki that month he put him off and decided hanging out with Kai was more important above all. But the dawning realization that he’d been hurting the man in front of him for over seven years; that he’d been too ignorant to recognize the emotional warfare he was dragging Aoi through…Reita now felt like he owed Aoi something. What that something was, he wasn’t sure. But he’d make it up to his friend one way or another.

“I am.” Aoi stood from his seat, making his way across the room and grabbing his coat from the rack. “Now would you mind driving this good man home? I’d like to get in a shower and power nap before we reopen and I really don’t feel like hailing a taxi.”

“Sure.” Following Aoi in his steps, Reita patted him on the shoulder, sending him a look that spoke something more than thank you. Aoi simply waved him off before shrugging, telling the blond to get to walking, playing it off as if everything he’d just done was absolutely nothing.

By the time Reita dropped Aoi off and finally walked through the archway of his own flat, the exhaustion he’d been suffering through finally fully hit him; the effort to bend down and slide off his sneakers almost too much. It was just a little past seven in the evening, but the only events he had planned were to change Keiji and Oscar’s water and then crash into bed for the night. A shower and a decent meal could wait until morning.

In spite of just forming this schedule seconds ago, Reita soon realized there was going to be a small change of events, for the second he opened his spare bedroom door, he was met with what he was hoping was going to be the last surprise of this very long night.

“Ru? What’re you still doing here?”

Ruki was sat on the floor, dressed in clothes he’d very apparently borrowed out of Reita’s closet on his own accord. Legs crisscrossed, his small hands were folded in the center of the manmade circle; hair covering his face as he stared off at the cage in front of him.

“I took a few days off from work and didn’t feel like stepping out into the cold just yet. What, are you going to fucking sue me for over staying my welcome?”

There was a rasp to Ruki’s voice which Reita had only heard less than a handful of times since he’d known the fashion journalist. He could tell Ruki was trying to mask the change with his usual arrant edge, but it was useless – they were friends more than they were friends with benefits and Reita knew Ruki better than the auburn would like to care to admit.

Settling down on the ground next to the smaller man, Reita grasped his chin with a thumb and forefinger, automatically being met with red cheeks and watery eyes. “You’re crying…”

Instantly, Ruki swatted his hands away, turning his face to the side and once more hiding beneath wavy locks of auburn. “I’m not.”

“You are.”

“I’m not, and even if I fucking was it would be none of your business. Just leave me alone, this has nothing to do with you.”

“Ru, you’re crying in my apartment’s spare room. This has everything to do with me.”

Scoffing with disgust, Ruki abruptly stood up, walking towards the door. “You’re so fucking full of yourself. I have other problems bedsides the fact that you walked out on me in the middle of the night to go see your other fuck toy. Grow the hell up, Reita. The entire world doesn’t revolve around you and your cock.”

The blond couldn’t even be surprised Ruki had pieced together he went to go see Kai. The auburn was sarcastic, stubborn, and sometimes downright arrogant, but he wasn’t anywhere near asinine. He would’ve been more surprised if Ruki hadn’t figured out his whereabouts.

Ruki tried to storm out of the room, but Reita was on his feet just a quick and stopped the fashion journalist by grabbing his wrist. “Ru, talk to me and-”

“Just let go, Reita,” he growled, obviously upset, “It’s not worth it…let go…”

Reita knew Ruki wasn’t talking about his wrist at this point. Let go. Let go of everything they’d built up over the past seven years. Let go of their casual title of fuck buddies. Let go and finally grow up and finally move on with his life. He knew this day would come eventually. From the moment he met Kai, this exact scene had been one he’d been trying to predict how it’d play out, but now as it unraveled before him, he was realizing it wasn’t transitioning how he expected it to in the least bit.

But he had to do it. For both his and Ruki’s sake, it had to be done.

“Are you going to be ok?”

Ruki’s tough front broke, lips breaking into a heartrending quip. “Reita, I used you for your cock. I’m sure I’ll be fine without it. Besides, I wasn’t ok long before I met you, I can continue to get by just as I was before you drunk fucked me.”


“Forget it, Reita. I’m going home, I’m going to drink until I pass out, and if you want to find me I’m pretty sure you know damn well where to go.” Without looking back at the blond, Ruki went to the front of the flat, placing his winter attire on his body. It was only after he placed on the final article did he turn back and face Reita, this time offering a real, genuine smile. “Despite what it may sound like, I happy for you Rei, I really am. You deserve to have a shot at a normal relationship.”

The blond had to hold back a chuckle at Ruki’s words. Normal was definitely not a word he would use to define the relationship he and Kai were getting ready to embark on.

Before Reita could respond, Ruki began to exit the apartment. The journalist hadn’t even taken a single step of leave before Reita grabbed his shoulder; their gazes meeting as Ruki turned to look over his shoulder. “Just promise me you’ll be careful, Ru. I still want to see you around…”

The auburn’s body tensed under his touch, Ruki turning around fully so they were face to face. With a gentle smile, Ruki raised himself on his tippy toes; full lips carefully brushing against Reita’s own. Pulling back only seconds later, he padded Reita’s cheek, offering one last smile. “See you later, Rei.”

Without another word, Ruki finally left, leaving Reita to close his door and slide down the smooth expanse; body and mind wishing to finally shut down for the rest of the night.

With a few minutes of silent groveling, he finally forced himself off the ground. Entering Oscar and Keiji’s room, grabbing the water bowl and refilling it fresh. By the time he found himself lying in bed, his eyes were beginning to shut instantly, but just as he found himself falling into a dreamlike state, his cell phone vibrated in his jeans pocket, causing him to sit up with a groan as he pulled out the device and slid his thumb over the glossy screen.

Did you make it home ok? – Kai

Straightaway his thoughts went back to Kai telling him to text him when he arrived home, making the blond become more coherent and alert, sitting up straight with eyes wide opened as he typed back a quick reply.

Sorry. I had a few things to do before I got home. What else did you have to tell me? – Reita

A few more minutes passes before Reita felt his cell vibrate in his hands once more, this time looking down at the screen and seeing that there was an incoming picture message loading across the status bar.

I know you didn’t ask for it, but this was the best apology I could think of… - Kai

Scanning Kai’s words, he became somewhat confused. Continuing to scroll past the text, the square beginnings of the image came into play, and by the time he was looking at the photo as a whole, his mouth was falling, nether regions clenching up with an automatic wave of warmth.

Because there it was, the ‘picture proof’ Kai had mentioned on more than one occasion.

Needless to say, Reita was not disappointed with what he saw.

(Next Chapter)


Author's Note: Trying to stick to one character's POV is *exhausting* xD And I'm failing quite readily :'D

Anywho~. I've seriously worked on this almost everyday for a month & it's kind of sad that it's about 1,000 words shorter than the last CH - something I wrote in like 4 days (U_U) Overall, this chapter is kind of choppy to me, but lots of info was revealed & that's what really matters. I could spend more time polishing it, but at this point I'm just so *done* with it.

Alright, that's it for my bitch fest this time. Hope you guys enjoyed~. ^_^
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God, Sam, my heart is pounding fast right now because I recall what they did after Reita found Kai in the hallway (which was so heartbreaking). Reita is so caring I CAN’T!!!! My poor heart and btw Edward is a really great movie ;w; Johnny ♥
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